Would love your opinion on this Subaru Ascent Lease. First time posting!

2019 Subaru Ascent Touring - Black
Registered zip: 44281 (6.75% Tax)
MSRP: $46,412
Discount: $4787
Sale Price: $41,625
Term: 18k / 36mo (Need higher miles unfortunately)
Upfront charges 0 down. Rolled all cost into payment
MF .00025 and RV 53% (Told on Edmunds to be the going rate in my area)
**Monthly: $565

Tried bargaining with 3 other Subaru dealers and none would go lower than a $586 monthly payment with same specs. 2020s are coming on lots in the area, so there was some incentive to move the 19s. Just wanted to get y’alls opinion and see if this is a pretty good deal. Let me know if you need more info, I’m new at this.


At that price and miles, why not just purchase it?

To give you am idea , I just leased a Premium yesterday. Sticker was $37,497 and sale price was $30,999. I put $1,200 down and I am paying $362. Granted it isn’t the same model, but you should be getting more of a discount. 2020s came out a couple weeks ago.

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When I put so many miles on a vehicle I worry about the depreciation. I do like to get a new vehicle every few years or so, I like all the new bells and whistles and I get bored. Not a lifer on any certain car and don’t like to keep them for 5-6 years, just my preference anyway. I feel like the more miles I put I have a bigger changes of having negative equity when I try to trade in or sell the vehicle. I feel like no equity is better than negative, but I could be wrong. It’s my first Subaru and not sure how well it would keep its value in 3 years.

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Where are you living? I have been dealing with several dealerships in my area for the last 3 weeks emailing and haggling etc and literally none of them was in any hurry to give me a better deal that what I mentioned. Also not gonna lie, I’m not the greatest at this stuff. I can save a life like it’s nobody’s business, but man buying/leasing a car isn’t my cup of tea. I figured getting everyone’s help on here is the way to go :smiley:

It’s an OK deal given the mileage. I actually also agree with the heavy mileage needs, it is better to lease.

From what I’ve heard though, dealers in Cleveland/Akron/Pittsburgh don’t deal on Subaru the same way they do in other parts of the country.

The only thing I’d suggest is getting a quote from Grand Subaru outside Chicago. May be worth the drive.

Thank you sir, I appreciate the feedback! I will see what they can do.