Would any graphic designers like to design a logo? Please PM me with your cost and some samples of your work!

I own a design agency, if you want shoot me a PM and I can have one of my designers draft a few options for you. If you decide to go with one, then great if not no big deal.


I had good results with a kid on fiverr who did my blog logo (I pitched a few people and this particular person did the best). I can refer you if you’re not completely over the prospect of fiverr. It was $7 well spent, but I did need to be super prescriptive to get the results I was looking for.

If you need help with ideation, I can give you a hand. I also do marketing and have a billion art directors at the agency I could connect you with. But fiverr is way cheaper.


Look on behance.net

May be a little more expensive but that’s where you’ll find the most talented graphic designers.

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Thank you all for the valuable feedback!

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To close the loop-

After we joked about it above, Mr @JD81 told me he actually does have graphic design skills from a previous life.

He ended up doing the logo, which I think is absolutely fantastic. So, I’d like to recognize his great work and thank him!

He declined any sort of payment and wouldn’t share his address. Luckily, I got in touch with his brother, who did share his address. Compensation on the way.

Thanks Jer!



I like how I can see a little Tobin in there.

No way dude!

Zakim! You’ve been out of the game too long.

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Ugh, sorry, that’s what I meant. You know part of my all-day migraine, haha. “The bridge right after the Big Dig named for the lawyer who went to the same law school as me.” Better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha…Remind me to smack my brother when I see him. I was just the monkey that pressed a few buttons the design came from your ideas. All I wanted in return was a BCC tank top to go with my stone wash jeans this summer.

Lax pinnies (cut above the navel) are with the screenprinter.

Extra medium right?

Neighbors will love it with my cut off skinny jeans…I’m more of a Shmedium.

Nice logo! but I miss the blue guy…

What’s the blue guy?

I think he was talking about the blue truck…i think


Me too I loved that thing. Was sad to see it go but am excited to find something to replace it with that is more family friendly for cruise nights.

beautiful… such a peaceful setting too… I could use that lake about now! Too hot in FL

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Good ol’ Kingsbury Pond in Medfield. Not a bad place to drop a rod for a few hours with a beer in hand!


beers… we would need beers in hand :slight_smile:

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