Would any graphic designers like to design a logo? Please PM me with your cost and some samples of your work!

Tried Fiverr. Results weren’t what I was hoping for.

Please PM me with your cost and some samples of your work! Would love a BCC logo that is long overdue.

I have an idea of what I am looking for. Hopefully, it will make sense.

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This looks awesome if you change it around a bit.

Nothing projects an image of integrity more effectively than the theft of someone else’s intellectual property.


Look around. Most logos are spinoffs of other. After about 43 million companies you think there’s an original idea left. Make a logo up and I’m sure someone else already did it. Doodling letters is hardly property

Everyone here recognizes you by the vintage pickup truck. I’d keep that and incorporate some lettering into it

wow never noticed that

Your first suggestion (it’s in the edit history) was to steal the BBC logo and change one letter.

To many people theft is reprehensible even if a cease and desist letter never arrives.

How far off the mark were the results you got?

I’ve heard mixed results from people who have gone that route.

It was probably more me than them. I just didnt like the communication methods etc…

I just want to hop on the phone with someone and get it done.

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A good friend of mine is a graphic designer/UX designer and is current doing commissions. His portfolio here: https://thomasverdi490.wixsite.com/thomas-verdi490

I asked him what his rates are but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I’ll have more info soon. :slight_smile:

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This is probably the most imitated design for auto related business ( including my friend’s rental car business). I would ask for something more unique .

No designers on here? I can’t believe it.


I’ve used it multiple times. You need good winning bounties to get good results but it works well.

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I made @Bostoncarconcierge a logo and he wouldn’t pay me…what do I do now?


Ask the trusted hackers for help if not

Take him to court …

I’m thinking my only recourse is to suspend him from LH and then off to Judge Judy.

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He’s kidding

@JD81 can you remove this nonsense so no one else thinks there is any truth to it.

A thank you

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Lol so was I lol…


I am guessing my sarcasm isn’t as obvious as I think or as I would like …back to drawing table for me


I just like to make sure :slight_smile:

Lol no Worries

Whoops…lost in internet translation lol.

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