Worth trying to hack an m235i gran coupe?

Just sold both our Cherokee and 440i m sport to carvana and vroom.

Just leased a gladiator and now wife wants a new car. She likes the new m235i gran coupe…

Just wondering what type of discount I should look for on a loaner? I already know the incentives and MF from edmunds.

Haven’t seen one hacked so didn’t know if it was worth a shot or not…they don’t seem too popular so maybe I could strike a deal?

The M440i’s not out yet, I assume you mean you sold a 440i M Sport?

M235i GC is a brand-new model, I doubt any dealers are trying to offload loaners yet.

How many have you found and how much are they asking?

Sorry dumb mistake I had an m240i also so had a brain fat moment.

There are a few out there that I saw on cars.com

Haven’t seen any deals on them yet. How does the monthly payment look when you put the apply the same discount with a 330i?

Not sure I was hoping for advice on what I should try and get for a discount on a loaner.

500 below mrsp is a solid discount bruh


If a $500 discount is considered “solid” for an on the lot example then I’d run away from an M235i, especially considering you can order a brand new one for 10-11% off pre-incentive all day.

Pretty sure he was trying to be funny. I hope he’s not a comedian by trade if that’s the case.