Worth to pay for Auction Access?


Which auction do you want to go to ?
Msg me but there is a fee .
I highly do not suggest to go to Mannheim cause all said and done the fees are out the door


Most auctions warranty the car


Don’t most captives run their lease returns through closed auctions for franchised dealers first?


Thanks @Cici. This thread is very old. I open it a few months ago. I have AuctionACCESS now.


In my area, Only Ford do it in a close sale for his dealers only first.
Other manufacturers including Nissan and Toyota do sell to All dealers. I heard GM do closed sale auction in MI too but it doesn’t have a significant presence in my area (MN)


You’ll have to register as a business if you want to solicit business here.


I am not a business and I am no soliciting anything as I do not have access to any auctions so I have no idea what you are referring to


He’s referring to the fact it looks like you’re soliciting business by asking someone to msg you about auctions and illuding to a fee involved.

Whether that was your intent or not, it sure comes across as solicitation.


Exactly what I was gonna say.

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This was a long read to find out OP wants a Sonata. What a waste of time with auctions. You can get crazy deals on brand new Sonatas a few times a year.


I live in MI and am looking to give flipping a try and have seen a couple programs but nothing of quite what I want yet. What program do you belong to, I’d like to give it a look.


Looks like the ezautodlr.com website no longer exists… Couldn’t have been a good business model for him.


You can always do an auction thru your State gov. 1985 M3


Good to know. Thanks


Just a thought, but I wonder if this would not be a useful service to have access to for the forum peeps?

How much does this access cost, anyone know?


Well, it might be not touched for a while but I’m also looking to buy a car from BMW Direct. Does anyone have access to that site? Im looking for specific car with very specific options and they happen to have it for good price… Please PM me if you have access and can help me out for a fee.

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