Worst leases you've seen

Not the worst, but an effective payment of $900+ on a Chevy is insane. That’s basically GLS money. Absolutely amazing deal for someone that wants to take it over though


If 15k+ is already paid off, I wonder if there is any positive equity with vroom or caravan.

Not fully loaded though.


I paid $757 for my GS350 with 3K down… 2015. LOL!

After this site, never again will I lease without everyone’s confirmation!

Yeah the takeover deal is amazing. Flushing $15k down the toilet so readily is mind blowing to me, I bet there’s a story there. I bet he has positive equity and doesn’t even realize it.

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Residual value is the same no matter how much you put down on a lease. Either the vehicle is worth more or less than that value.

Edit: Unless you are saying take over the lease and immediately sell it?

Yeah, i think that’s what he’s saying.

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I know what residual is. The guy already paid off a big part of the lease so he may have some positive equity currently.

The two are related though. If you’re not likely to have equity at end of your lease, you’re probably not going to have any in the middle.

Was in the market for a Honda Clarity Plug-in Touring. Went to Hardin Honda in Anaheim, California. Test drive the car and loved it. Made the mistake of giving the salesman my license, which he hadn’t given back. He went to talk the the manager, and came back with an offer of of $8k down, $750/mo for 36/mo 10k miles. I laughed very hard and tried to leave, but the salesman refused to give me my license back insisting it’s the best deal I’ll find. So warning to all. Steer clear of Hardin Honda

$35,000 in total payments? Is this real life?

MSRP of $37,000, super close to totally paying it off.

So did you get the car or now driving without your license?

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How is that even possible? The payments are almost the total MSRP. I would have asked for a breakdown just out of morbid interest.

These are really worst!

Just walk into the sales tower and ask for your license, they’ll freak out.


$1,641 for a Q7 P+

588 miles per month for 32 months

Looks like another 48/7.5k lease. So 10 or 12k would have been even higher.

There has to be negative equity rolled into that. That’s $60,000 for a 36 month lease on a car that (decently optioned) costs about $65,000.

And/or a ton of aftermarket/FI products