Worst leases you've seen

That has to be fake. It doesn’t even mention the words ‘fully loaded’ so it can’t possibly be real.


More like an OMG.


Dont have all the details but an acquaintance picked up a 430i grand coupe last year, $600 a month with $6,000 down and the only options were heated seats and the sunroof (he said).

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So it’s fully loaded, then.


2019 Chrysler 300 5.7, $44300 MSRP
36/15k, 1st month due at signing - $795/mo


Definitely not the worst, but oh boy :sweat_smile:

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I was quoted a 2018 Merc GLE demo. 8k miles on the car. 67k MSRP
2k down 36mo/36k $714 mo. For a used car with a decent amount of miles on it!
I was told this was a “great deal” and they wanted to keep me as a customer. I’d hate to see what they quote to non repeat buyers! Yikes! I didn’t counter as we are not even in the same ballpark.

Haha, I was in this boat a while ago too with my local dealer a couple weeks ago. At that price, you might be able squeeze in an S3 with the right discount. I was offered a 51k msrp for $551pm and $2.5k DAS. Didn’t like it after a test drive, but it wasn’t a bad deal now that I think of it.

Requested a quote for a 2019 RAM 1500 Limited that a local dealer here in Fairfax County, Virginia had on the lot. Took two days of emailing just to get the quote…$994.79 per month on 36/12, zero down, tax rate 6%. That is $35,812 total cost…Truck was listed on their website at $62k.

Just found these two on local CL offered for transfer:

2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar D180 SE R-Dynamic - MSRP ~$61k for $972/mo and 0 down

2019 Acura TLX A-Spec AWD - MSRP ~$45k for $771/mo

I guess someone has to pay the price for some of the deals that are flying around here…

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Idk what’s dumber…the guy asking or the inevitable person that bites on it.

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This is what I got offered in NJ on a 2018 BMW X1 loaner this week Lol! Sorry 4000 due 369 a month includes loyalty tax and fees

Checked out 2 Kia dealers here in NJ: Raceway Kia and Gateway Kia. Both were for 2019 EX-P.

Raceway Kia offered me $399 with $1,399 out of pocket and 12k miles.
Gateway Kia offered me $489 with $2,000 out of pocket and 10k miles. MSRP was just above 31k, but was selling it for over 35k because according to the salesman “that’s what we’re legally allowed to sell it for”. Red flag!

Raceway salesman thought I was nuts for not taking the deal. Gateway couldnt seem to figure out how the other dealer was so much cheaper than them and told
me I shouldve taken the deal. LOL

Hi, welcome to Math, and welcome to logic.

Incentives seem strong, they must’ve been keeping it for themselves and not offering or including them.

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My wife likes the 4Runner so we went and test drove one yesterday. She liked it minus the fact that the infotainment system feels ancient, no blind spot monitors (on the model we priced) and key start, it just felt like an old vehicle to me.

Anyway I never get quotes in person but I figured why not let’s see what he says. MSRP was a hair over 40k and he came back with 2k down, $687 a month for 36/10 or $629 a month for 48/10 and then proceeded to tell me if I put 10 or 15k down I would definitely make my money back when I resell it after the lease because of how well it holds it’s value. Laughed my way right outta that dealer.

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If you’d make your money back then why not just put 0 down and sell it at that point to break even? I don’t understand his logic. Toyota dealers are notoriously bad for discounting cars. Same thing happened to my brother when he quoted a Highlander XLE. Similar MSRP and we got a similar quote.

That’s SQ5 money.


Toyota dealers are big fans of flipping the uniformed from a finance to a 48mo lease and crushing people, lots of down payment and selling it at msrp. Helps us get our unicorns!

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No Matter what I do, I can’t seem to get numbers this high. Not the worse sale price in the world but man, I don’t know they are getting $200/m more than what it should be, even with inflated MF.


I’m dying to know if someone would actually fall for that one lol

Sales Tax is obviously wrong.