Worst dealer replies

what is the worst or best reason a dealer said he couldn’t accept your offer?

Last night dealer said that he would get fired if he accepted my deal and he has a wife and kids to take care of.


Not sure, but that’s a stupid response from a salesman. He can’t accept deals anyway, his sales managers have to.

Terrible response from probably a terrible salesman.

Should have replied that you’d get fired if he didn’t give you a car to drive to work to feed your wife and kids

I once had a salesman tell me he would get fired if he did not make the sale that day. It did not make me want to pay more for the car.

The NEW car I was trying to buy had warped rotors, was the only car with options and color on lot and dealer would only resurface them not replace them. He’s response to me as to why I should just accept it “they don’t even engineer space shuttles right, we have seen them blow up”. I really was stunned, that was the final straw, I just turned and walked out.

“The Challenger exploded, so who cares if your car does?”


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Since I was reminded of it from another thread, here is a dealers response to me requesting the MF be at the buy rate

I have a 30 basis point markup on the money factor. Going to 0 is like asking a mortgage broker to sell you his mortgage for no commission and I don’t often do that to my finance manager since he needs to eat too. I’d rather discount the car more if it makes a deal happen.

So recently I was negotiating with a Volvo dealer via email on a 2018 S90. They initially sent me a quote with no discount. I then suggested a 10% discount, to which they agreed, and worked out numbers. The numbers were too high, mainly because the 2018 incentives are not as good. So I replied and said that I would need another $1500 off to afford it, and that maybe Volvo would introduce that as extra incentives the last week of the month.

The sales person apparently thought I was trying to negotiate, which I wasn’t, and replied with:

But like I said, [sales manager] offered our best price up front. Our pricing is called straight ahead pricing which means we give our best price right out of the gate.

I thought that was hilarious since I had to suggest the price. Talk about drinking the Kool Aid.

I had an Alfa Romeo salesperson call me a “liar” when I told him that his quote was $100/mo more than another nearby dealer.