Worst dealer emails/ads you’ve seen?

This is by far the trashiest and most unethical clickbait email I have ever seen…is their new sales manager a Nigerian Prince?! I’ve been getting emails from them for several years, it’s always just been crappy car deals and service coups…


That is a level of sleeze I wouldnt want in writing. I’m sure they would appreciate if you tossed that email screen grab online in a Yelp/Google review.

I’m disappointed it’s not a cut-out coupon. They’re the best!

Like how they slipped “unused promotional dollars” in there or they would likely be sued for the money owed to customers that they are holding hostage.

Call tomorrow, tell them you recall it was an overpayment on a previous car, and demand it in cash immediately.

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The best part is the fine print. “They have NO cash value and CANNOT be guaranteed”


They can’t just send a “$1000 discount off any car coupon” email like a normal freaking dealer?

I got a letter in the mail saying I can trade in my 2017 macan gts to a 2018 for the low low price of 38k.

Here’s a gem.


Hard to find :rofl: Gee I wonder why.