Working on a 2019 Highlander XLE v6 deal

Please advise how this could be worked out better.

People have gotten deals for 330 with no money down.

please if someone can help out!

Ask for a bigger discount.

That’s literally the only thing you can do. Unless Toyota does MSD.

they dont even know the concepts of MSD LOL

i guess i will try for a 2018 model

They don’t know the concept? Then what’s with the 3,500 in “SEC DEPOSIT?” Is that cap cost reduction? Are you expected to pay 4096 DAS to include taxes/fees?

Discount could be a little better, but I don’t see how you’ll get enough off to get down into the 300’s.

i had to tell them about the MSD. He put the 3591 as a sec deposit and changed the MF to .00096. the actual MF is .00178.

Taxes of $2226? That translates into approximately 20%+
Where are you based at?
The discount is already quite decent for a '19 Highlander

I haven’t seen anyone get a Highlander for $330. Would love to see you point that out

That was September on a 2018. Apples and oranges. Vastly different

Not at $330 but lower than $438/month (Oct 20), also an '18 though:

It’s doable with the discount he is being offered on a '19. But he has to do MSDs and maybe pay his tax upfront

I always though the phrase should be more like “apples and zebras” or “apples and trombones”

Apples and oranges are actually pretty similar. Small, round, sweet fruits with seeds in the middle.

As you were. Happy thanksgiving eve.

Good luck OP

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Can you wait? Some people got good Highlander deals at year-end last year.

Yes I will wait it out. Seems like the MF for November is very high