Working Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport AWD thoughts?

A bug bit me in the arse and all of the sudden I’m looking at leasing 2018 Giulia Ti Sport.

First proposal from the dealer seems very cookie cutter:

For 36 months, 10,000 miles a year, it comes to $3,453 at signing and $499 a month.

The money at signing consists of :
First payment
Sales Tax
DMV Fees
Bank Fee
Doc Fee

You are getting the $2,750 Rebate.
Plus $5,210 discount off of MSRP.
The effective selling price is $41,530.

Based on that they are providing 11% off MSRP pre incentive I’ve also mentioned to them that I have $500 bonus cash code and Affiliate Rewards code

Based on all of those these are the saved numbers I’m coming up with with 17% off

I’m not really sure if I’m using taxed/untaxed incentives correctly but that doesn’t make a huge difference ($1,000 accounts for $500 bonus cash and assuming $500 for Affiliate Rewards)
Let me know what you think

I got mine for 15% off before incentives for a 2018 in August. You should be able to do better

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Thanks, so I’m not being unreasonable asking for slightly over 17%.