Woo hoo! Returning my crappy lease today! :-P

It’s been 3 years and I finally get to return my wife’s crappy Kia Soul! woo hoo! Don’t know why but I just figured I want to share on here. :slight_smile: It was an ok car, but it just kinda demonstrates how much I learned in the last few years by being part of this community. 3 years ago, I walked into a dealership and they played every game in the book with me. I spent a day and a half being run around. Knew nothing about lease numbers. Didn’t know what a residual, MF or even what MSRP vs sale price meant. Walked out of the dealership feeling like I got the deal of the century having paid only $295/month for a Kia soul. :stuck_out_tongue: Sure it wasn’t the worst deal in the world, but I kinda chuckle when I think of what I could get for around 300/month now. I’m happy that I’m now an educated consumer and thanks to all of you, I can return this car with a smile on my face and confidence that all my future leases will be done right. :slight_smile:


Sooooo what you getting next? Volvo S90 for that $300? :wink:

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The wife already got a BMW X3 last year for $398/month. Well worth the extra 100 per month! I was driving the Kia since she switched over, but now i’m going back to my old car until my Tesla gets delivered. :slight_smile:

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Good news is I went to dealership to return last week and the person that would normally deal with returns apparently wasn’t there, so some other guy did it. I was a bit worried they would try to waste a ton of my time trying to sell me on another kia, but they didn’t even try. The guy was just ready to get the heck out of there.

He was quite helpful. He actually reminded us to make sure to go to the DMV website and let them know that we were no longer in possession of the car. I know last time my wife returned a lease, she got someone else’s traffic tickets because they had purchased the car, but hadn’t transferred the title yet. (took awhile to get that cleared up) Good tip for dumb people like me that aren’t familiar with the lease return process and even for some that may forget!

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-sigh-. Got the bill in the mail for costs associated with disposition fee and “excessive wear and tear”. Ended up getting billed over $900. :frowning: Disposition fee was $400 and I knew I was gonna get screwed for the missing key ($350). Unfortunately they ended up charging me for the tire that had a bubble in it even though I already replaced the tire! They didn’t even itemize the bill, but I know they added it on! Now I have to call and argue with them about this. -sigh- I guess this is one of the bad parts of leasing.

I agree, that part really sucks because they now perfected the system where the third party (in most if not all cases) inspects the vehicle and you have no say whatsoever. I usually just take all bunch of pictures at the time of return, just in case they bang it “in between”, but it’s mostly for my own warm and fuzzy rather than reality.
Did you try ordering a second key? I think you could have gotten one at Home Depot for $90 or so, if they make it for that model of course.

Yea, I took a bunch of pictures, but not sure if I’ll be able to prove that I replaced the tire. I’m definitely going to fight that like crazy though cause $95 for a stupid tire is insane! I spent 20 bucks for a used tire and $10 to get it put on.

As for the key, I definitely looked into ordering one, but it’s a specialty key that apparently is really hard to find. They were going for $150+ online and would still take a few weeks to ship (which I didn’t have). Also, I called some locksmiths and some told me that it was not possible for them to program the key and I’d have to go to the dealership. One told me he could but it would be $100 just to program it and when I asked him to call me back if he could find a replacement key for me, he never called. In the end even if I could save $100, it didn’t seem worth the effort or the risk involved.