Withdrawn by request

Withdrawn as requested.

I was told to pull the post off


Definitely a good deal and a great looking coupe. But unicorn, it is not.

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Hackers are spoiled by those M3 CS deals! It’s hard to achieve those numbers with M4 CS due to its 57% residual vs M3’s 61%

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Great deal. Unicorn is so overused on this site just say you got a horse

If you actually got a unicorn people will make assumptions and not believe your deal. If that is the case then you have a unicorn.

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I agree that we’re spoiled but M4 deals will get better the more the product sits. The new G-generation M3 will be out soon and competing with F-generation M4.

ETA: there are two broker deals posted that are better. Again, my focus is on the word/emoji unicorn. I agree that your payment is phenomenal when one considers the rareness of good M deals.


Haha it is indeed a horse. BMW translates to “precious horse” in Chinese market.



Ya seems like east coast gets better deals on M cars. But they can’t drive that M car for at least 3 months every year.

MX and M4?

It’s a centaur

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How do you have all black interior!? I thought it ONLY comes with the two-tone!

Great deal, if you posted it for transfer at these terms it would be gone within hours.

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Is that with loyalty?

the m3cs is the 2 tone …the m4 cs has just black

I wish I could get a car with MX’s acceleration and M4’s handling. MX’s steering wheel feels so light! Especially at CA freeway speed it feels like driving a Camry.

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Yes with loyalty

Very nice deal especially considering no MSDs and $0 DAS. I’m just surprised a top of the line M4 CS would come without the upgraded headlights and daytime running lights, beautiful car nonetheless, enjoy!

GT2RS fits this :open_mouth:

Amazing I have been looking for one

I am actually thinking about switching from M3 CS to M4 CS, but those details in M4 like headlights / sound system / interior are making me thing twice lol. I love coupe look though…

Awful deal, you got fleeced…

Just kidding, beautiful car, nice deal… Enjoy!!

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