Window tint night driving

Whoops, I reversed them apparently. The XPEL is more of the blue/gray hue vs. the factory being a bit browner. The below example is currently sporting 35% XPEL Prime XR fronts+sunroof and factory rears (shades down) - sorry, struggling with the glare/angles here.

Here’s some better older shots showing the exterior match:

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How’s the reflectivity on it?

Perfectly fine, and way better than the Autobahn i3 ceramic film that I still have on the rear, given that that’s my only basis for comparison. The darn defroster lateral reflection lines on the back drive me insane at night but the reflectivity on the XPEL film is NOTICEABLY better to me.

Are those the factory issued films

Only install ceramic tints. As far as percentage, 35% won’t give you any problems. 25% starts to get too dark IMO, where you have to roll down your windows in some situations. I would love to see a 30% ceramic tint, but it is difficult to find any installers with ceramic in 30%.

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I think F1 Pinnacle series had a 30% but this shop is no longer a certified Llumar dealer only doing Xpel now.

Nah, that’s just the unfortunate film brand that the dealer used as part of their attempt to force a hard add on the sale.

Here’s another set of comparison pics to give more ideas - in this one, fronts are done in 70% Autobahn i3 Ceramic and rears are factory glass only. This was arguably the best for visibility while maintaining heat reduction, but I didn’t much like the look… :confused:

So dealer put on top of factory 20% another film?

Initially, yep - just a way to add on another 1k in fees, but in the pics right above I had already stripped it off the rear glass.

I stand corrected - was thinking about it later, and it technically does have heat rejection properties if it is a true decent ceramic film, so there is some marginal upside for the forced cost (factory tint is visual only from my understanding; no heat rejection).


If I recall correctly it was the FormulaOne Pinnacle 30% all around. I have a white leather interior, so it doesn’t look as dark. I kind of wish I went a little bit darker just because you can see in a bit due to the white interior, but it came out really great. Best of luck!

I am 18% all around, windshield 75%. South FL, no one gives a shit

That’s not entirely true standard film blocks heat you just need to go way darker to get more results unlike ceramic that you can have a lighter film and get a lot more heat resistance.

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Ended up going with 35% on side and 5% stripe on windshield. Xpel XR prime plus $350 total.

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They do great work, glad you went with them! I would make sure you keep that little easy peel thing they have for the inspection sticker. I moved last year but it was getting harder and harder finding places to pass my inspection. I may have had to go to a local shop by industry city and pay extra. Forgot to load these before.

35% is a good choice. BMW dealer may fail you on your next inspection.

There are plenty of places that will pass you in Brooklyn