Will dealership honor Jeep.com e-shop?


Jeep.com e-shop makes a good job at disclosing and adding everything you could qualify for. I compared with the leasehackr calculator and they seem to match quite closely. I have no issues claiming everything I qualify for with the dealership, so as expected, it always boils down to the discount the dealership can give you off of the MSRP.
In some examples e-shop lists a “dealer discount” which would be exactly what’s needed to match some of the exciting deals we are seeing people getting from the dealerships.
In my experience, I talk to the dealership and once they realize I have all the required information in terms of incentives, MF and RV, they start back off on the advertized “dealer discount” with all sorts of excuses.
See here an example

I wonder what would happen if I continued with the lower button “apply for financing”. As you go through the steps, the offer with your configuration is carried. You would end up getting the credit check. If approved, will the dealership back off on the offer?
Again, they wouldn’t be able to claim anything on the website is inaccurate. Perhaps only “dealer discount”.
Has anyone tried?
If nobody uses this, I wonder why they invest so much in such a sophisticated portal anyways.

Really depends on the dealer. Most CDJR dealers will cram in markups and fees. But it’s a good place to start negotiation.

Assuming this is a Wrangler 4xe, many brokers and dealers are offering similar discounts.

I do think e-shop is really helpful just to research current incentives though.

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