Wiggle room for the Chevy conquest bonus 3000$ for Asian Lease

Hi Guys,

Any inputs on the wiggle room for the conquest bonus. I spoke to couple of my friends who work in the industry, and they said they’ve seen people get the lease payment document from their friends, and edit the name, address, put in some random numbers and get it done. Another said, the dealers themselves are helping if you know someone, doing out of state address change or something like that, he said bottom line is if you know someone with Asian car lease, you can pretty much get it done.

Any thoughts or stories on this ?

Does Chevy have the means to validate an Asian company’s lease ?

I believe the word for that is fraud…

There is a CDJR store by me that got caught cheating the EP programs a bit too often - they were audited and charged back every deal they cheated on.

It’s not worth the price of admission IMO.


If they would just offer the $3,000 to everyone, it would be so simple and they would sell/lease a ton of metal.

I am pissed a newbie gets $3,000 and a loyal customer gets $500.

I’ll second this notion.

If you really analyze what you’re doing it should be clear. GM is offering an incentive to attract lessees of other brands to switch to Chevy. They specify who they want to give this to. You are not one of them. So you trick them into believing that you are? It’s stealing. Being a multi-billion car company does not change the fact that it’s stealing.

If the shoe was on the other foot how would you feel? You donated money to someone who says they are an injured war veteran. Then you come to find out that the guy wasn’t injured, never served in the military and is well off.

I’m pissed that I can’t get a nearly free electric car, but I don’t live in California so I don’t qualify.

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Lmao, that’s so illegal.

Why stop at 3k?? If they offered free leases to everyone they would sel even more tons of metal lol.

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Plus google gm ignition switch deaths on cruze lol. Do you really want their cars that much???

So now fraud is considered ‘wiggle room’?

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No, he’s only asking about wiggle room. He didn’t mention fraud. /s

So the answer to “wiggle room” is NO. The answer to “fraud” is YES.

Bill Clinton says it depends on whether you inhale or not :slight_smile:

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Fraud is a bad idea. There is no wiggle room for fraud. Now if you changed your address to your friend/family members address like your license, that is wiggle room but it would need to be legit and have a paper trail.

He also did not consider a blowjob to be a sexual relationship :slight_smile:

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One word comes to mind when I read this… Fraud.

If you don’t actually live there, that’s still fraud. Just because you can make it look legit with a paper trail doesn’t change what you are actually doing.

Technically if you move there for a month legitimately and then move out again that would not be fraud, just very inconvenient and not worth $3000 but to each his own.