Wife got into an accident for the first time guess what she hit!

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RR owner: “Someone just dinged my Royce”


Can’t believe she hit my car.


I just can’t believe RR was parked in a garage without cones & three “restricted” spots around it…
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Obviously a headache and maybe a little smack to the wallet, but what a story to tell. I would be laughing and telling this story for years LOL. The wife went and she went BIG. :rofl:


To give you guys an update owner was super chill older guy he was like as long as you have insurance we are good , he was even telling my wife how to get rid of the ticket that she just got… it was just some scratches no dents but the scratches took the paint out so bumper has to be painted, looks like her car is good no dents or scratches! She was crying hysterically and telling the RR owner out of all the cars in here why i had to hit yours… i mean i have the same question :joy:… anyway she is good , my son is good, rr owner is not mad … and now im calling all my wife’s friends and family and telling them what she did :joy: ohh and some of you asked which one is it Ghost or Phantom… to be honest i have no clue most likely ghost


Already happening :joy: all my friends were cracking jokes last night at dinner party :joy:


She is already telling me she doesn’t want to drive the car anymore… im like honey whats the worse could happen? You already hit a rolls!! :joy:


You bet she did!!! :joy:

The Rolls is probably the old man’s beater… LOL


I’m sure. I would be in tears laughing. :rofl:

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I do question how liability works when people drive around cars worth far more than the upper cap of property damage limits. When the excess get covered by the uninsured/underinsured policy of the expensive car, does the insurance company then go after and make the average Joe bankrupt?

Hope not.

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Hopefully the damage is not bad enough for RR to require the owner to ship the car to the factory to fix. (Yes, true story).

Example, $8000 fix locally. $50,000 if done “properly” by factory in europe.

un and under insured is for damage to people, not cars. Property damage of the insured vehicle pays to fix the other car. If the at fault driver does not have enough to pay for the damage-- the other car (the one that got hit) will need to file under their collision coverage. It is up to the insurance company that paid out if they want to go after the offending driver personally.

Look at your limits and make sure you are able to handle this type of situation. You certainly do not want to come out of pocket and loose assets in a claim.

My property damage policy limits top out at $100k, it’s the highest GEICO allows. I do have an umbrella policy which I believe would cover me.

But my question isn’t about me, it’s about the vast majority of people. Should they be bankrupted because they lost the lottery and happened to hit a $300k vehicle instead of a RAV4? Are insurers going after people?

Most top tier carriers offer higher property damage limits (up to a million).

The umbrella will pick up after your limits are exhausted (it will pay out for liability/bodily injury and property damage). Just make sure the umbrella is high enough that it will cover your assets (talk with your lawyer or insurance agent). Some companies do go after people for a judgement, some do not and take it as a cost of doing business. The scary part is a large majority of drivers carry only what the state mandates. In Florida it is $10,000-- That barley covers a small fender bender.

Allstate started a trend of going after the offender and getting a judgement. It will be interesting to see if others follow. Just make sure you are covered. The cost of a great policy and an average policy usually does not have a big difference. A typical 1 million umbrella is usually a few hundred a year. I would much rather pay that and be covered than worry about loosing my house.


I stand corrected.

It’s a last generation Ghost. 2014-2020 refreshed version.

Agreed and up your umbrella as your assets increase. It’s about $100 more per month per million from ratcheting up the umbrella over the years if memory serves me right.

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First words out of my mouth - Oh Sh*t!