Wife backed into a tree. Hyundai or body shop?

Hello all

So my wife backed into a tree today. It’s a 2020 Santa Fe. Do I need to bring it in to Hyundai to have it repaired, or can I go to a local body shop? If I can go to a body shop, does anyone have any recommendations in the west orange area?


Insurance or not?

If insurance … try to go to a Hyundai Certified shop if you can.

You pay cash…well is there a guy who can pull that ding out for $50?

Remember that inspectors go over everything with a comb (and a special thickness meter sometimes) and can tell if a car has been repaired, and look for things that most people write off. (like a minor dent going 4" ‘lightly’) or bumpers that don’t match up evenly.

I bring all my cars that my wife drive to collision restoration in Fairfield. Excellent service and great work.

You can take it anywhere you want for the repair.

Thanks a lot guys.

@forbs I’m going to try to avoid insurance as long as the repair doesn’t end up being crazy expensive. Don’t want our rates to go up.

@xheesh thank you. I’ll get in contact with them.

My wife prefers mailboxes over trees, so we recently took her Palisade to an independent shop recommended by our insurance and they did an outstanding job.


if its only the plastic bumper cover then pay cash, If there is metal work to be done might want to run through insurance.

It’s the lift gate, so metal. Body shop guy says we most likely have to replace it. Insurance it is.

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just a small note.

the word “certified” gets thrown around way too much for a shop, Time and time again i see on forums people getting hosed from these shops. Take your time and do your research for a shop. Just because it’s certified, doesn’t mean its good. It just gives them extra lee-way to get away with shit work. And that goes from BMW to Mclaren.