Why such a large difference?

There’s more to it than that, especially on short term leases with big rebates.

Let’s say you equalized all of the above on a Audi RS Etron GT when they had $32,500 in rebates

If NJ at 0% tax was at effectively $500, then a 10% tax jurisdiction like LA should be $550, right?

Wrong. The $32,500 rebate is also taxable in the latter — that’s $3,250 in tax due upfront or capitalized on a 12m lease ($278/month plus rent)

I was looking at the Edmunds forum (rather than Ratefindr).

Based on the posts last month on Edmunds, it varying RVs seem to be more engine dependent, although the mods do also ask for the trim package (maybe Prem, Prem+ have the same RV per engine but the Prestige does not?).

At any rate, I know Audi can have diff RVs within a model range, but I didn’t know if that was widespread (although it seems like it might be, based on what’s being said here).

Which is why sales tax should always be taken out of the equation when comparing leases. As well as registration fees. That can have a big impact but doesn’t say anything about the quality of the lease.

A dealer would never lie, cheat or steal. :joy:

All else being equal, Hyundais in California (and probably other makes) are cheaper in Southern Cal vs Northern. I believe the greater sales volume and larger shipping ports (lower S&H costs) found in LA and San Diego help explain their significantly more competitive offers.