Why is this potential lease so bad? Mercedes glc300

Glc300 loaner 2016
45,300 msrp
39,380 sell price
Mf IS .00080 with mad and .00159 no msd, .
10 months msd

Monthly total including tax (ca) 583.90

Seems outrageous. Could it be simply the Mf?

Other info since I can’t upload my pic of the lease for some reason -
Residual is 25601
Gross cap cost 40950
Thank you!!

Well your mf is marked up loads. Should be 0.00106 if I remember correctly. The residual on these cars is not great and there are very few incentives. Check the other GLC thread on here.

Ah, sorry, just saw it was a loaner. I find Mercedes loaners are not that great. Seems like you would be better off with a new 2017