Why don't dealers pass on Federal Rebate savings in lease?

This would be so easy to get around.

Show the rebate as a line item and drop the RV, jack up the MF and remove any rebates.

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Basically what Audi used to do before the reform. Just look at the MF of Q5 and Q5e

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I am sure most of the consumers wont fall for that trap. But there always few who will fall for that.
How many Q5e or Q4e on the roads now not many

Only thing I see is etron which they had a fire sale 3 or 4 yrs back with Costco rebate …

We all should be mad at this poorly written piece of crap bill rammed through out of desperation and bad faith negotiation.

I got a text and email from two separate AC companies that prices of ACs are going up after January 1st. People thought they would be getting a free credit to install a new AC.


agree, frustrating that no EVs can be leased incorporating a 7500 tax rebate for the consumer. Has anyone seen any manufacturer/brand/dealer/finance company do that- even thought the law came out on Dec 29. thanks. I am interesting in leasing an electric and trying to see how I can get the benefit of the electric tax rebate. Appreciate any insights.

the ID4 lease is pretty bad- so even if they offer- not sure its worth it. Is Tesla offering it? where did you see ID4 offering it. I called a dealer in socal (irvine) and they told me the standard- talk to your account :frowning:

Ccap has already announced that theyre continuing to pass on the $7500 on the phev jeeps and pacifica.

What’s the sales price on that bad-boy?

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Thanks, the phev jeeps dont seem to lease very well. Around $1000/month. not interested in the pacifica. I wish Tesla would pass on for the model 3 :slight_smile:

Compared to what?

The model 3. I am new to the leasing game, so correct me if I am wrong on the jeep phev lease payments. I am basically looking to get a PHEV or electric and take advantage of the tax rebate on leases. Not picky on the car itself (except no smaller bolt type cars)

I don’t think you are finding the right deals. There are brokers here who will lease the Jeeps for significantly less than that.

Tesla’s been passing $3750/$7500 for almost the entire month of Dec. I guess you missed the train.


Model 3 leases like crap and certainly more than a lower trim gc 4xe.

There is a lot more to a good lease than whether the paperwork shows $7,500 as a line item. This has been discussed many times before.

You should start your own thread on what you need in a car, which state, budget etc etc.

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I thought it was not for leases- it was only for purchase. Also I did try to find model 3 rwd in socal to purchase before end of year and no inventory was available.

gotcha- thanks!

Thanks, just did. Appreciate the insights max_g