Why carfax shows two accident reports when I only had one?

Hello guys,
I just purchased the Carfax report today since I am about to sell my car. I was expecting it will show the damage report because I had rear ended on March. However, somehow the report shows two damage reports, one was in March and one was in August. Does anyone know why? I am thinking maybe
because the first one was reported by the bodyshop and second one reported by my insurance company?


If you don’t want to share the whole report (which would really inform a response), maybe just the section showing the two accidents and what is in between?

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here is the screenshot.

You can try to contact carfax, they can take faulty or mistake reports off.

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If the damage was fixed between march and may, it looks like a glitch. If it wasn’t fixed maybe a secondary reporter? Insurance should match the original report/date unless claim wasn’t filed until much later.

Be interesting to see if Autocheck has the same glitch.