Why can't we do a second lease transfer?

Our non-profit leased a 2015 Nissan Leaf in Maryland, which currently has about 13 months to go and $4k of payments left. The original lessor (person A) transferred the lease, via Nissan, to her successor (person B), and it was, and still is, on B’s insurance.

B is leaving, so we want to do the exact same thing again, this time transferring it to me. B called Nissan and they said they can’t transfer it twice. We know several folks at Nissan, tried to pull strings, but Nissan says no second lease transfers. In anticipation of doing a second lease transfer, I put it on my insurance (so it’s on mine and B’s) and started driving it. I made my “lease payment” into the account that the lease payment comes out for Nissan. So, the payments are and will be made, and it’s insured.

B just renewed the registration for one year. Can she take it off her insurance, if it’s covered under mine? Will we get in trouble if I’m driving it while it’s registered and insured under B’s name? We would like to avoid paying it off and returning it, but we will if we have to.

Can’t do anything about that. That’s their policy.

Why doesn’t B just call her insurance and ask? My son A drives a car registered to me B. A has his own policy with a note that B is the owner on record in event of loss.

As far as driving goes, as long as B gives you permission to drive it should you be pulled over, you’re fine.