Why are they stocking so many BMW M4s?

Yes, I was bored today because my town shuted down all the restaurants and bars so I had to stay at home (I guess we have to at this point). So I was randomly browsering Texas BMW dealership websites to check their BMW M4 inventories because I am planning to lease one in the future when BMW releases the final edition of the current generation M4. I’m just not a big fan of their new M4 and its giant grill, according the leaked pictures.

I found most of major BMW dealerships has only maybe 5 or 6 M4s in stock on average, but BMW of San Antonio has 40! That’s definately the biggest M4 inventory I’ve seen, it of course has many different package and color selections to offer, I guess basically anyone who wants a M4 can easily pick a car they want here.

My question is, why are they stocking so many M4s?
I know San antonio is the second largest city in Texas but I doubts the demand for M4 will be that high, and obviously this is an outgoing model so I think people will be more interested in the new M4. Just trying to understand the logic behind this since we’re kinda bored now :slight_smile: , any insights or inputs will be greatly apperciated! Thanks.


Bet @IAC knows

I honestly don’t know why. They also have a lot of M4 CSs as well.

All I know is that we have a killer deal on them that you can’t get unless you go through us! :slight_smile:

Just remember the Texas tax is really high, so this is with 1st + about 3/4 of the tax at signing and nothing else. It will be under $900 with the full tax at signing:

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They are a large dealer and half of their M4 inventory is the CS. Many of us dealers have a few of the CS (204X) left. We are by comparison a smaller store but we were allocated a lot of the CS versions.

Commenting on your perspective with F82 demand with the G80 arriving. I started selling BMWs a few months before e46 M3 was introduced, right when the first e39 M5 was arriving. The same pattern always repeats itself (e9x, F8x, and now G8x). When the vehicle finally starts hitting the showrooms, the demand will initially outweigh the supply so the deals we’re seeing now won’t be available right away. There will be many people complaining about how the new version isn’t the same “M” because… But M always, always make the M faster and better in many areas. It never ceases to amaze me. I’m personally interested in learning about the new weight-saving technologies and how the M AWD compares to the G10 version.

I was at the M test facility near the Arctic Circle two years ago and I saw the new M3 testing on a frozen lake. If you check out the images on my profile they were taken the same day. Sorry, no G80 M3 pics. That M3 was tearing up the track out there and the surface is ice. The new M3 and M4 will be ///Monsters in every sense, trust me.

The factory is pumping out way more vehicles than when I started selling BMWs. Counting the e36 this will be my 5th generation selling the M3. So there will be some leftover 2020 models when the next-gen arrives, but not a huge number. And to answer your inventory question in TX, I don’t think it was by design.

Here’s a link to my lease (best deal in the USA :us:) if you’re interested in getting one of the remaining M4 CS. I sell to every state. Don’t forget to add local tax.

With MSDs. Don’t forget to add your local tax

If you don’t know how much more M the CS is over the “regular” M4 we can set up a call. I had a one on one conversation with Dirk Hacker, vice-president of engineering for the BMW M division, at the Nurburgring a couple of years ago. He explained how the CS is way more M. It’s a race car with every day driving capabilities, which makes this a truly smokin’ deal.

I had a couple of extra minutes this evening :slight_smile: Glad you asked the question! PM anytime!


I smell a deal in the making :nose: :dollar:


That calculation is wrong. It’s counting the MF reduction twice.


I tried getting myself a 2019 CS out of them a few months ago and I didn’t have much luck getting a deal that was noteworthy (20%+ off). Granted I could have pushed for a little longer, but not worth it to me since they didn’t have the color I wanted.

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The dealer is potentially doing 2 things:

  1. Getting stock between production gap of 2 models

  2. More importantly, securing FUTURE allocation of the new M4. Taking the old model gets them in BMW’s good books. And they get more new cars that they can charge higher profits for.

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Trust me; they’re in BMW’s good books. They’ve cut some pretty good deals for us thus far and have been moving cars in general.

That’s a stupid payment on a 106k car.

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Yes, but if OP is in Texas, then the increased doc fee and shipping make it more expensive than the one I originally posted at 16.6%…

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Thanks, man! :raised_hands:

I’m a dealer, so no need to charge broker fees. Your broker fee is over $900 which drops your 16.6% to 15.7%. To be fair my state doc fee is higher ($141) and drops the 18.8% to 18.7%. The OP could be in Alaska still be way ahead.

You shipping for free? :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a jab, but that seems to be the theme lately as far as asks go.

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What state are you in?

MD. Shipping rates have dropped with this ongoing crisis. We should definitely help each other out. Be safe!

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