Why are so many threads closed?

I see half the threads are closed in “ask the hackers”,so can;t reply is that a particular reason why?

They’re either old, expired, or a question that violates forum etiquette

Any specific thread that you’re referring to?

Many new and extremely irritating users choose to post 18 different threads instead of posting all of their questions and quotes in one single thread. Mods merge those 17 extraneous posts into the original thread, and close the original posts.


@max_g has been all over OP like a fly on you know what today :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Mostly because they are basic questions that can be answered by searching the forum or reading pinned topics. I’ve got a feeling this one is next.


I hope this one is next


:popcorn: inb4 closure.

Even before I clicked on the thread and I thought “5 bucks says it’s that bibi member…”

Was not disappointed.


The mods will typically give reasons for closing the thread before closing it - question previously asked, dramatically off-topic, OP requested thread be closed, question has been answered and no further commentary is necessary, etc.

If you have specific questions feel free to PM one of us with a Trusted Hackr badge if you have further concerns.