Why are BMW's so much more aggressive with leasing than Mercedes?

I keep seeing crazy deals around here for BMW’s clearing out '18 inventory but rarely see many deals for Merc’s even though lease support is ending this month. Is this a long standing difference between the brands or is this mostly a function of the current year? I never really looked into BMW before (Been a steady Merc/Jag fan) but some of these deals are nuts. If BMW had Android Auto they would probably already have my money.

I am wondering the same fucking thing. I need a C63 in 700-800 range, Id be driving one right now if they had the same deals as BMW.

That’s like asking why Chevy Equinox leases better than a Ford Escape. It’s all in how the captive wants to structure their deals and how much risk they want to take.


So how much more would you pay for android auto? I’d rather lease a BMW for Jetta money and skip the android auto. I’ve got AWD, LED lights, sunroof, sport seats, heated seats and a bunch of safety goodies. I like android auto but my $10 magnetic vent mount is a simple solution, I might be able to screen mirror too, still trying to figure that out.

I remember when power windows was exciting. Now, if the car doesn’t have android auto and all that lane mitigation/blind spot/stop for you/drive for you garbage, the car isn’t worth buying.

How times have changed.


I look at it this way, if BMW had android auto they wouldn’t lease as cheap.

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I agree. And I also like the fact that they “ala carte” some of their items in the car, vs piling it all in and making the car more expensive overall. Why should I pay for something I don’t want?

In the past year, I’ve done leases for family on a decently loaded C300 for $300 a month with no drive off except first payment and MSDs and another one on a very well optioned GLA250 for $333 a month, again with the same drive off. Both loaners.

Conversely, there’s probably a dozen if not more BMW dealers within a reasonable driving distance, and it’s a struggle getting reasonable, doable lease offers, especially if you don’t have loyalty. It’s a struggle I could break through, but it’s not worth it. Mercedes options are much better. Android Auto is standard, among other things.

The a la carte style would work if you could order cars online like Tesla and there was “one car” pricing. But in practice, what it means is that you have to either have to hunt for the specific set of options you want, or just go with whatever your preferred dealer(s) have anyway, defeating the whole point.

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Market has allot to do with it, some markets just have terrible dealers for particular brands.

“I remember when power windows was exciting. Now, if the car doesn’t have android auto and all that lane mitigation/blind spot/stop for you/drive for you garbage, the car isn’t worth buying.”

This was just discussed on another thread today. I personally don’t understand the fascination with it.

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Short answer : “Business strategy”. There’s usually more than one way to skin a cat.

No accounting for taste, but it actually makes the infotainment system usable. I’ve never seen a good infotainment system other than Android Auto (I’'m sure Carplay is also fine–haven’t used it.) I can actually use voice commands in a natural way, “directions to nearest costco” and they work. I can use Spotify or whatever popular music app I choose directly from the infotainment system.

Does anyone remember this? Who needs an app?

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… and how badly they want to make their production numbers. Everybody’s got to produce cars. Lots of R&D, planning, manufacturing, labor costs, etc. It’s sometimes more advantageous to make/sell cars than to sideline staff and sit on inventory.

Also, manufacturers want to be “top choice in the category and/or region.” They set these priorities internally.

It’s the work of the accounting/actuarial folks to figure this stuff out. Above my pay grade and I wouldn’t want to do it even if it weren’t.

This goes back to the fundamental argument that gets tossed around here of: “Are you hunting for a deal or hunting for a car?”

IMO if you’re willing to spend the money for a BMW or Merc you want to feel good in your car. I have a strong distaste for IOS (Personal preference, no disrespect to Apple users) and the infotainment integration of AA is dramatically better than the standard one’s offered in any vehicle (Tesla included). I would rather have AA and roll up windows than the opposite. I use AA every day and roll my windows down once in awhile.

That being said, I don’t think the lack of AA is the reason BMW’s lease better. Porsche doesn’t have AA and they lease terribly.

BTW, I’m not against beamers. I actually think they’re very nice. I particularly like the X2 M35i.

As far as using a vent clip instead of actual vehicle integration… It can work for some, but it’s not my cup of tea. There is a dip in audio quality when streaming via bluetooth and I like being able to use my vehicle controls to safely interact with AA.

In the end, the heart wants what it wants.

But to condense answers here, it seems these are the leading thoughts as to the reasoning behind the better leasing on BMW:

  1. Business strategy
  2. Market variance
  3. Brand risk models.

So I suppose, when putting these things together, it’s that BMW, in most regions, is willing to make a greater cut in profit in order to incentivize buyers to lease their models that come more stripped in order to be more dominant for leasing than competition?

I think I need to look at numbers to confirm that BMW does more Leases than Merc.

Seems like you’re overthinking this. This time last year, BMW wasn’t more aggressive than MB. It comes and goes in waves.


+1 on this. My experience is that BMW’s a la carte options are only an advantage if you’re special ordering the car. Otherwise, the cars are either stripped or are stuffed w/ multiple a la carte options.


Given how distracted the drivers are in my area (lane wandering, driving much slower than the speed limit, not stopping for pedestrians, etc.), I welcome all that tech on cars, and all of that was a must-have on the car I got for myself, too. I assume it will be life saving overall. Time will tell.

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Here’s my biggest gripe with all this crap, so many people out there don’t use it. I still see people every day in cars that have all sorts of tech and are still holding the phone to their ear or doing the eating the pizza technique