Which State / Dealer is the cheapest to lease a BMW?

Still locking for the right deal. Thanks.



Any salesman/dealer contact in CA? It might be worth getting it shipped to NJ.

@njuser my guess is that the shipping will be around $2000 on an open trailer. I can’t imagine there being a price savings in excess of $2000.

I moved to NJ from CA(los Angeles)4years ago. I paid for shipping my car $800+tip($50).

Can you share the name of the shipping company? Thanks

Is anyone nationwide offering tax credits?

id be interested in that shipping company as well. I was quoted way more for way less distance.

A year back I moved from VA to LA and shipped my BMW for 1025 (enclosed trailer) through Orange auto transport (Broker) but I only gave 825 cash to the actual service provider i.e A D Auto Transport LLC.

4 months back I was planning to ship back from LA to MD. I’ve used Uship.com and got quotes around 450 - 600 (open trailer). I’ve used uship 3 times to ship my motorcycle and never had issues -make sure service provider ratings are good.

uship is who i used to get quotes which were much higher. I guess it could be due to different times of the year, different route, how popular the route is etc. Distance is similar but i’m surprised your quotes were that low. I’ve shipped a car from MA to FL and it cost $650 so VA to LA for $825 sounds like a bargain.

Do European Delivery. “ED Invoice” is below US invoice, and dealers with experience will frequently do ED Invoice plus $500.

I’d rather spend the $1,000 on a flight to Munich than on shipping.