Which SAV (SUV) is better?

Hey y’all, Happy New Years! I was curious as to which vehicle is better.

I am comparing:
BMW X5M vs. Range Rover Sport SVR vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Newest JL)

I am looking to purchase a SUV or SAV. I need a ride that I can use to go snowboarding with and to pick up clients in. I chose these three vehicles because they are visually appealing to me. I am open to other suggestions, but money wise I’d like to stay under $90k’ish…Looking for comfort, usability, and class. Resell value is not as important because I probably will use this vehicle for a long time. Thanks for the input and opinions in advance.

“Resell value is not as important because I probably will use this vehicle for a long time.”

Why are you on a leasing forum then?

I wasn’t familiar with the reference to “SAV”, Googled it, and found out out that SAV is a west coast rapper

Top definition - SaV!
Rapper from Los Angeles, CA. Main contents of his songs are about partying, drug binges, having sexual relations with married women, and not having any care about the people he tends to offend through his music, as well as his personal life.

Guess you haven’t heard/seen any BMW commercial on TV/radio before. I was confused at first too when I heard them mention SAV. Googled it and found out SAV = Sports Activity Vehicles :man_facepalming:


Are you looking at used? New X5M and RRS SVR aren’t under $100k.

Thanks for looking that up Jon. I didn’t know what that meant either. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being SV(Sports Vehicle).

Site is actually for all car topics…Just because lease is in the name doesn’t mean I have to ask a leasing question. Thanks for your pointless input though.

Yeah used for sure. Haha not really worth a new. But if I decide to get a Jeep Wrangler I’d purchase it as new.