Which premium brands have relatively better deals now? (Lease or finance)

I am planning to lease or purchase a new car soon. Not in a terribly urgent need, but my husband’s fifteen year old Acura TL is literally falling to pieces. It lost a part of its door handle yesterday at the car wash… Driving an old and rugged car was, for some reason, my husband’s pride, but I want to bring a stop to that, as I am getting concerned about my children’s safety. (We do have another car that is more frequently used)

I am primarily considering x5, GLE, and Q7, but also open to other brands and models like Jaguar as well. I haven’t even test driven any. I want to shortlist a couple of models before I do that. Which models have relatively more inventory and space for better deal terms? I am in PA.

As always, thank you so much for valuable inputs. Best of luck for everyone in their car searches!


Acura MDX and Lexus RX should be top of your list.


What’s your budget and how soon do you need the car?

Somewhere in the 60k range, but discounts are welcome. Not terribly urgent. We can wait a few months.

Have you considered a Yukon? You can get a middle of the road SLT trim with a $60-65k sticker.

What is going with the MDX and RX?

Not sure why anyone would pay more to get fewer features.

Just to get things they didn’t even mention they needed? Like a truck chassis and higher towing capacity?

Even a GMC Acadia or Buick Enclave make more sense than a Yukon.


I don’t understand your question

But a Yukon looks better…lol

Pay more? An X5 & Q7 have a very similar price point when compared to a Yukon.

Actually, the lowest trim Yukon has a lower sticker price than both the lowest trip of an X5 & Q7.

…and more cargo area, roomier seats, better resale value etc…

Pay more than an MDX or RX.

Actually, my husband did mention Denali and Escalade, but I told him no…I don’t like how they look and they’re more expensive than my budget. (we have a minivan for space) He also mentioned Maserati and Range Rover…(he’s not being super serious and I don’t even answer him) so I wanted to just get something more reasonable.

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She said she’s primarily considering a GLE, Q7, and X5. Not MDX or RX.

Don’t expect a good deal on any these SUVs. You are going to be paying close to $1k/month (if not more) on a $70k-$80k GLE or X5 lease in this current market. As for getting a Q7, you might be better off going the order route (Not sure what the current lead time is for custom orders, though).

I would suggest checking out broker deals in the “Marketplace”.

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If you don’t like a Yukon because of how it looks then ok but as far as budget…you said you want something in the $60k range and that’s right in the middle for a Yukon even without a discount.

What is your budget as far as monthly payment goes?

EDIT: I noticed you tagged Porsche and Genesis in your post. Forget about Porsche since they never leased well. As for Genesis SUVs, if I were in the market and I could find one at MSRP, I would buy it instead of leasing one in this current market.


Just a thought but have you asked your husband what he wants for his car??

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Yes I did, but he’s not very helpful or practical. (Maserati, Denali, Escalade, Range Rover…he’s being silly.) Thankfully, he doesn’t insist the new car has to be one of those models and leaves the purchase to me.


I do not have a set budget for monthly payment, but I surely don’t want to pay too much. I’d rather pay more upfront than waste on interest. That being said, I understand the market circumstances and that I won’t be able to get big discounts.