Which manufacturers pass on the federal tax credit?

Fairly self explanatory question, but for the sake of example…

A 4xe lease, the credit ($7,500) is immediately passed to the lessee. With a Mach E, Ford has chosen to not pass it on, and it must be claimed while filing your taxes (assuming you’re able to meet the tax liability requirement).

Which other manufactures act similarly to Jeep, as opposed to Ford? I’ve never seen a comparison list anywhere, so I thought I would ask. It would be interesting to see how the market for some of these EV’s or PHEV’s would potentially change…in the event that the credit were dispersed in the opposite manner. :thinking:

Just because Jeep passes it for the Wrangler 4xe doesn’t mean they would for all their other models or will continue to do so. BMWFS only passed it for the i3. You need to research for whichever make/model you are interested in.

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Right… or the Aviator Grand Touring, for example, it seems as though it isn’t passed on at all? I found very little on that. Nice vehicle but not worth the lease IMO.

I think, Ford is rather unique in creating the specifically crafted contract which looks like a lease, but is a purchase from legal view.

Ford, bmw, tons of credit unions, etc

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The question was about manufacturers, so I assumed their native captives. Of course, there is no shortage of third-party lenders ready to offer a credit contract with baloon payment and purchase option.

I did not know that BMW does this.

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