Which deal would you choose?

I’ve been on this forum for the past month trying to hash out some numbers and I’m set to buy something next week… I’ve reached out to a few dealers and this is what I’ve gotten (these three cars are what I want):

2018 Audi A4 Prestige 52k MSRP - - - 36/12 for first month + 500/mo.

2017 Alfa Romeo Guilia - 47k MSRP - - - - 39/12 0 down - 600/mo.

2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 59k MSRP - - - - 39/12 $1250 down + 615/mo.

Yes the Alfa deal is awful. Audi has been able to give me a pretty good number I think. What do y’all think? I’m in Dallas.

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That Q50 deal is absolutely horrible. That’s a mid to high 4’s deal

None of these deals are having gone into a dealership yet… so I assume they won’t be great. I’ve gone INTO dealerships but let them know I wasn’t buying that night.

Don’t go back until you have a deal you’re willing to sign, do everything over email. Use deals posted here as leverage.

How’s the Audi deal? And they keep telling me that they can’t give me the best deal over the phone.

The Audi deal is actually pretty good considering they lease terribly. If that’s the car you WANT I’d have no problem taking that deal.

The Audi definitely is the best deal out of the three. If that’s your top choice, it falls under the 1% rule. Have you test driven all three? Which is your preference?

That’s dealer talk. Negotiate what you want over phone. Go in and negotiate a little more. Once they have you in the dealership they want you to leave with a car. You’ve got a week so best to test the waters early


In that order. The Alfa numbers suck though and guy wants to say that winning motor trend car of the year should show me that the car is great. The discount off MSRP is like 3-4k lol

It is a great vehicle, I’m really enjoying mine so far. That being said a deal still should be had. I’d say you should aim for 5500-6k off or more if possible. Do you need a 39mo lease? I believe 27mo is the sweet spot for the Giulia.

No I prefer shorter. I’ll ask