Which car to get next?

I’m returning a 2014 Chevrolet Volt in about 2 weeks. I don’t need to get another car right away, but at some point I would like to.

If Volt leases were great right now I would know my next move. Unfortunately, the amazing Volt lease deals are gone. I’m opening this up to suggestions on what car to get next.

I’m willing to either lease or buy, depending on how great the deal is. I have a GM private offer which I can use for a $3k discount on most Chevrolet vehicles. Also works on Buick and Cadillac.


  • Must be a 4-door sedan, hatchback, or wagon. No 2-door coupes/sports cars, no SUVs, no trucks, and no micro cars (Fiat 500e or Chevy Spark)
  • If leasing, must be less than $250/mo + tax. Our Volt was $220/mo. Lower is definitely better.
  • If buying, purchase price less than $25k all-in, after rebates and incentives. Lower is better generally.
  • Must not be entirely electric. We have an electric car, so we need this one to be able to go on long trips using gasoline.


  • Hybrid or Plug-in-hybrid type vehicle

Here are some options I’m considering:

  1. Buy a Volt (base w/leather) if I can get a big dealer discount (e.g. $6-7k) that gets me close to $20k out-the-door (including 9% tax here in the SF Bay Area, $7500 fed rebate, my $3000 private offer, dealer discount). I’m assuming the resale value of the car will be about $13k in 3 yrs, so if I have unload the Volt in 3 yrs I’m out about $7k, which makes about $200/mo.

  2. Buy a different Chevy car. Malibu maybe? Reasoning is that I can use the $3000 private offer and maybe get a steal.

  3. Lease an Accord/Camry/other? I’d love a MB E300 loaner, but I’m not willing to go over $300/mo.

What other cars should I be considering? Any deals out there that I should be looking into? I’m in the SF Bay Area.

get another volt. seems to fit the bill since you really liked the car.

I did, but I also like good deals, and it’s not a good deal right now as a lease. I’m not exciting about buying it outright because I don’t want to own the battery…so if I purchase it will be with the intent to unload in 3 yrs.

if your cool with diesels I would go with the cruze diesels. hatchback,diesel,stick…good times, auto is ok too.

just lease another volt. just need to get on that IVC game to get that pmt.

I like you already …twenty characters

Are they still doing 2017 Chevy Equinox for $150/month ? With your $3000 special offer that would bring it down close to $50/month?

Are you looking for a great car to drive ? Or a great incredibly-low payment lease deal ?

No SUVs. He could do use the GM points on a Cruze, Malibu or Verano

We are seeing the numbers go down on the E300 loaners so if you could wait a bit, that would be a great car to have at an amazing price. Hyundai Elentra would be another option with a low monthly payment

If I could get an E300 around $250/mo that would be amazing. What has to happen to get there? $17K off a $60k MSRP and residual at 61%? I have Premier status on United which qualifies me for one rebate…

It’s a mix, but probably 90% of “incredibly low payment lease deal” and 10% “great car”. It doesn’t have to be “great” actually…just reasonably good, functional, and safe. I don’t have my heart set on any particular make or model. We don’t drive that much (less than 10k miles/yr though I wouldn’t go under that on a lease), so it doesn’t really provide good value for me to do an expensive lease if that makes sense.

Are you looking for a great car to drive ? Or a great incredibly-low payment lease deal ?