Where to sell my Tacoma

The lease is up on my Tacoma TRD Offroad in two months, I thought about selling it and making a few bucks instead of just turning in to US Bank. Any suggestions besides Caravan, Vroom etc?


I sold one a few weeks ago to Rodo. Offer was $5k more than Carvana

Carvana, vroom, shift, autonation has online appraisal, but figure out if you even can sell your lease to a 3rd party at a profit with us bank.

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Thanks! I’ll have a look.

Btw, what year was your Tacoma?

Thank you HersheySweet!

I’m a buyer and I’ll pay top $$$ as long as US bank doesn’t raise your payoff

We would have to find out what the dealer payoff is. I can call tomorrow and if they’ll me.

‘19 TRD Pro

Thanks :+1:

They won’t tell you . Cal me tomorrow

Sam is a very reputable audi dealer. Definitely give him a shout /\