Where is the registration?

I live in Washington state and leased a Volvo from Southern California. I received the car but the dealer provided no proof of registration etc. The dealer said the registration comes from RegUSA (who handles out of state registration) and there is nothing the dealer can do.

Is this normal? Can I drive the car while waiting? How long does this process take?

When do your temp tags expire?

I am in WA as well and just leased a car from out of state, the dealer overnighted a temporary plate/registration to me to drive with for the next 10 weeks.

I didn’t get temp tags or plates. What state did you lease from?

No temp tags or plates

Have you tried calling RegUSA?

You should have at least been issued a TOP, if not temp tags


Not CA, though your dealer has to provide temporary tags from the state you leased the car from. No brainer.

In the past when I leased from CA, I had the dealer send me a completed title application, MSO, purchase order and odometer disclosure statement. I took all those docs to a local licensing office along with my DL and got the plates/reg immediately. Saves tons of time, but it looks like things are changing now after dealers reported getting defrauded and lost high dollar cars through out of state transactions so they’re going through third parties like RegUSA and others now.