Where do you invest your money?

Dang I hadn’t noticed my Marcus had dropped to 5.40%. :frowning: Once you max your referrals, please send a couple people my way for a referral code. I’ve already got my entire family on Marcus but haven’t referred anyone in a while.

Here’s my free advice for the day to the large brokers on this site. You have a direct insight to consumer spending and can “bet” accordingly based upon your activity from a given month/quarter. There should be a strong correlation between it and overall consumer spending/CPI. :money_with_wings:

Cvna gpu was $6500! $6-120 in a year. Nuts…

They have to be using shady tactics like realizing back-end, full-term, financing profit in that gpu calc. There is just no way that is organic.

Makes me want to buy puts even more…but I am refraining.

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This is around the level I started shorting it last time and it went to 350/share. I don’t want that stress again even though it paid off!

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Every time I weight a situation like this I remind myself:

“The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent”


Don’t fight liquidity. The time will come again when it’s gone.

Wait for the pullback but we are going to $525 on SPY before rejection. Have a lot of 21 June $515 calls currently

you should look up the history of the guy who started carvana. he’s a dirtbag of the highest order.

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Who is keeping it in GME

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They’re back.

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Diamond Hands Apes!!!

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Nice to wake up to an extra $80k! Plug is booming I bought a ton of that a couple weeks ago at 2.50 also. Got in gme at $30 yesterday

Just cashed out my initial investment riding it out on house money for a bit. Can’t wait to short these as well in a couple days. You know they’re gonna crash it down again

Plug has major short squeeze potential and is actually a solid company. Not sure I would recommend buying right now but could def get to $10 today/tomorrow if this keeps up. 30% short on the float




Lmao. Only took 2 hours

Busted through that 525 with ease. I think we see 541-545 before a pullback. CRWD did me well this week.

Rates must not be high enough :rofl:

Can get a better tomahawk at Flemings in brickell. Tomahawk Tuesdays is the best. I’ve been to papi steak so grossly overpriced like all these gimmick steakhouses in Miami.


Douchebag quotient: off the charts

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Smooth brains with cash pay for the experience they say. I don’t get it. All of grutmans restaurants are douche buffets.

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