Where do I start with an M3 lease?

Hello all. I’m going in this Friday for a possible early lease return on a 2014 BMW 335i in Indianapolis. I’m on a list for an M2 but their won’t be any available for at least a year. I’ve heard that there might be some deals to be had on M3s so I wanted to know what I should shoot for.

My ideal build would have an MSRP of $73,900 with an invoice of $69,900. I need 15,000 miles per year and a term of 36 months. I’m willing to take a 2016 and possibly a demo or similar type of vehicle if I can get a good price.

Can anyone tell me what I should shoot for on price and what I would reasonably be paying monthly? I don’t want to put anything down. Tax would be 7 percent just on the lease portion.

Thanks for the help in advance. I’m just not sure where to start. I’m willing to put in a lot of work and make whatever driving, calling, or emailing I need to make to get the best deal for myself.

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My advice is to wait a couple of weeks. There may be a black friday incentive coming out for BMW.

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I agree with loberant. The residuals currently are ice cold- I’m pretty confident pricing and residuals will change as it nears end of year. Btw- I’m curious as to why 15,000 miles? Thanks.

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This is going to be a daily driver for me so I need the miles. I tried 36/12k on the 335i but found myself needing more miles. I work for myself and drive to see my clients around town.

Hold out until new incentives are announced

I spoke to a couple of dealers recently and there is really not much bargaining to be done on an M3, perhaps 5% even less if you want to order one. Your best bet is to keep searching a nationwide inventory and see if someone is putting a large discount on a '16 M3, but you’d be have to be willing to buy whatever color/options it comes with which is not ideal on a such expensive car…

As far as a mileage is concerned i find it more flexible to lease at 10k to get the best residual, on expensive cars like M3 the 3% in residual will actually be about $2500, and bmw will sell you extra miles at a discount once you start a lease and are within 12mo of lease end. So this way you have a flexibility to buy extra miles if you need them without committing to the higher payment upfront.


Follow this thread:

Official 2017 M3/4 Pricing thread (Deals/quotes/questions)

Thank you. Is there a way to setup a search like that, or do I just have to go to all dealer websites and search manually? I’m perfectly willing to put in the time.

I am doing what you suggested on the 335i. I just bought the extra miles at the discounted rate of 16 cents per mile, so I can do that again. The contract says I can buy them at that rate until the last few days of the lease.

I appreciate the help.

You can contact BMWFS to extend your lease on your 335i up to 6 months while your car is in order (M2). This will give you time to negotiate a killer deal on an M3 that you actually want rather than being crunched for time.

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The best search i found is autotrader, they have free text search so you can search for specific options/packages

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