Where do I have room? BMW 530i Loaner Lease


Take a look guys and let me know where I have some room. This would be my first loaner lease, so I’m not sure where I can get really aggressive.

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I just picked up two 2019 540i loaners in GA. I’m in NC. You might want to head down. PM me for contact info on my dealer. But, I’d say you’d need to be at a minimum of 16-17% on the discount to start. Lease money on the 530’s is $2250. Conquest would be another $1000 off or Loyalty would be $2000 off. Do you have to have 15,000 miles/year? That RV is a killer. I also did 7 MSD…big fan of the bank for the buck.

I’d honestly rather have the 540i if I can get a good deal. We’ll chat.

Aside from that, I’d qualify for conquest and I don’t necessarily need the 15k, but I like the buffer. Going to push for 16%-17% by asking for 20%.

Would the change in RV for going to 12k on the mileage be about 2%?

I believe it’s 1% change from 10k to 12k and then 2% from 12k to 15k.

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how much % off msrp pre incentives were you able to get the 540s?

Not a good deal. Find a leasing broker near you. I’m using a local broker and getting $550 with $1000 down $4000 MSD. 36/10 on a 540xi m sport.

Tried emailing a bunch of dealers and they’re all in your quote ballpark. No one wants to negotiate. Take it or leave it.

You’re on the right track. My 36/12 RV was 59% my 36/10 was 60% pre-mileage accounting.

Current discount pre-incentive is 11.8%. I’m certain I have some more room, this is the first offer from the dealer.

Suggestions on the best way to fine a broker?

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Might want to take a look at taking over my 540i for less money. Lots of miles remaining too. App 15k per year. Thanks.

not bad, what does that put you monthly payment wise? I’m at 450 a month with 0 das, on a 75k 540i

17% + Lease Cash + Loyalty + OL Code

which dealer have you worked with in GA?

I searched in google maps and found a bunch of brokers near me. Wish I knew about them years ago. Takes away the headache of trying to get a good deal. Don’t have to step foot in a dealership.

United in Alpharetta. PM me if you want contact info. Working on a 530 for a friend. Deals not as strong as my last two though.

that’s really good for a 540, last time I checked I was at 15% and it was take or it leave it. I think I would have to be roughly in the 20% range to justify getting a 540, I’m at $320 a month for a 530 with pretty much everything minus m sport and exec pack( that was 25% pre incentives) It’s not really worth $130+ a month, under a $100 a month difference would be interesting.

My 540’s are at $397/month. Just jumped back on the 530 deal he’s offering. Your’s is more in line with what my buddy wants. If you don’t take it let me know. Or if can be replicated he’d be interested. PM me details if you’d be so kind.

I don’t really care for spending 4-5k on the m sport package but can’t find one with exec package and luxury seating that doesnt have m sport, curious as to what options yours has.

Black/Black w/Convenience Package = Power Tailgate, Comfort Access Keyless Entry, Heated Front Seats + 1 yr. Sirius + Premium Package 2 = HUD, Wireless Charging, Gesture Control, Enhanced USB, + 19" Wheels 635 Style, M-Steering Wheel, and LED Door Projector. MSRP @ $63595

not bad, I actually would contemplate that one, is this post tax?