Where can I look up historical incentives, residual and mf numbers?

I have been tracking incentives, residuals and money factor values for certain models for the past few months. I want to pull up historical values for the year 2016 and 2017 for the same model and do some comparative analysis. Aside from going through Edmunds forums are those numbers available to the public?

what I meant is i wanted to see available incentives for say 2017 model back in November, 2017. Not sure if I can find that on edmunds.

Sure you can, just gotta dig. Find the 2017 thread and go for it.


you can also limit your searches on google to set it to months/websites

@funtik - curious to the reason why you’re doing this? What model cars?

@KD6-3.7 I want to see the trend of incentives and residuals for Grand Cherokees and maybe Q5/SQ5 if the data is not too diificult to get.

There is no trend. If you want one - look at the economy and politics.


You’re really wasting your time here. What happened in Feb of 18 isn’t a guarantee to happen again in Feb of 19.

I have done that for the cars I have shopped using Edmunds. Hard to find correlations since it depends on so many different variables (how the manufacturer is doing vs their sales goals, inventory, FED rates, overall economy and auto market etc.). Focusing on month/quarter/year end and finding a dealer eager to make their numbers is a safer way to go…

No trend indeed. Its like predicting how many q50 or will be sold next month. These manuf have business data analyst to predict this but they have more data that us mere individual will have privilege to get into. Also inventory and prod rate will be taken into account to produce next month incentives/rebate.

All i can say as a general rule, if you get a lease rate (not onepay) close to 0.8% in any vehicle, thats a good deal. Anything in the 0.6% or lower means a fantastic deal or unicorn. Of course this doesnt apply to honda accord. :joy:

I’m going to throw in my standard response,

Read up on Sisyphus.