When you utilize fleet discounts, Mercedes



HI all got a question. Just got an email from United MileagePlus. It says;

Your United MileagePlus® membership entitles you to an exclusive Mercedes Benz Star AccessSM incentive worth an additional $2,250 that you can use toward your down payment. Plus, earn 25,000 MileagePlus® bonus award miles after your purchase is complete.

I understand this is those Fleet discounts, how do I utilize this? In other worse, do I negotiate my final sales price, then tell them, I have this Fleet discount for an additional 2,250 discount? How does this work exactly?

Thank you everyone for all the help and advice, this place is so informative!


Fleet is an additional discount. You can mention it at the end however it isnt 2,250 but rather the difference between March Incentives and March Fleet incentives.

2250 is only for C-classes.
When you actually do the deal, they will ask you to print out the form and control number.


Would the c43 be classified with the c-class or is it separate? Not sure how they group their discounts.


C43 Sedans are part of it.

C43 Coupes and Convertibles are not. Although they have like 500ish incentive for fleet


Thank you! Also do you happen to know how long you need to be a member to receive this discount. If I were to sign up this month could I instantly receive it or would i need to wait a specific amount of time?


United Mileage Premier should be immediate. PendFed 3-12 months until you have the ability to access it


Thank you! I appreciate the quick responses.


We’re trying to lease the C300, so the March incentive is 1,000 right, that means the fleet discount is an additional 1,250 right?


yes, its an additional $1250. To avoid confusion, you can simply put is as either fleet or incentive.