When you get a new car, people comment "why not get barely enough to get from A to B"

Who else has ever gotten a new car, and then you hear comments from others like “congrats, BUT why’d you get that if you just need to get from home to work?”

In my case, I got a Jeep GC Limited, neighbor says above comment, then advises me that I could have gotten a used Hyundai small sedan and saved alot of money. I responded back “YOLO” (You Only Live Once).

Then he asked me, “what does your car have that my 2011 BMW X5 doesn’t have?”

Thought about responding about the features, but then I decided to not get into it since it’s a trap… I go “It has nothing your 2011 BMW X5 doesn’t have”, and left it at that.

What the hell is the deal with people…

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Sounds like you have an annoying neighbor.


Hey Paneer Lover! I think you handled the situation quite well. You were respectful and polite, so you turned a tense situation into a naan issue.


Totally right

@mattevan Thanks, I mean literally he was talking total naansense.


I hope you don’t have to daal with this individual again anytime soon.


No wonder why people get punched in the face all the time!!


I see what you did there buddy

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New car smell.


Thanks, I just didn’t want things to get too spicey with him.


I think the real question is why didn’t you get a used Hyundai?

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LOL, I think I found my neighbor on Leasehackr!

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Stupid or jealous… I wonder

Tell him you will listen to his advice when he addresses you by your proper pronouns.

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Probably both. I was friends with her for like 10 years and never saw her true colors until she got engaged. It’s just a funny story to tell and joke about (mail-order prostitute, I mean really?) :rofl: but I seriously wonder about the psychology behind the bridezilla phenomenon. If you ever need a good laugh, there’s a great bridezilla story subreddit.

Where do you live in NY that a jeep gc even strikes a convo? If you have the means get a track hawk and warm the engine daily in the driveway


And this was coming from a guy who saw a 2011 X5 as the most frugal option, at the time he had purchased…?

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Long island. There are lower end cars here, but also tons of luxury brands on my street. No means for trim above limited… one day!

Up to date Safety features. A lot has happened in the area of car safety in the past ten years.