When to start looking?



First time posting here and appreciate this great forum. My Audi Q5’s lease is ending in Dec 2020. Was wondering when is a good time to start talking to brokers? Another question is, is it worth to do a clean deal where I return the car in Dec or roll the current car in negative equity? I’m not sure what the pros and cons are for returning a car early (before the lease ends). Does it depend on the car that I am planning to get ?

Many thanks in advance!

Is there pull-ahead? Probably not.

I would wait until late November before contacting brokers. Programs change monthly.

There’s almost no chance a deal you find between now and December will make up for the negative equity hit. December should be a good time anyways to get a good lease deal. Find your broker ahead of time via reviews, past deals, brand specialty, region, then contact Dec 1.

The lease on my SQ5 is up in November and I received an email from Audi FS about a month ago offering to waive the last 3 payments if I purchased or leased a new Audi. So essentially a 3 month pull ahead.

Outside of that, it makes zero sense to roll any negative equity into a new lease now, as mentioned above.

I would start really shopping and contacting brokers about a month before. So I wouldn’t necessarily wait till Dec. 1 depending on when in December you’re up but just keep in mind that programs and incentives may change from Nov to Dec. You could always lock something in at the end of November if its good then just wait to take delivery until closer to the time your lease is up in Dec.

Autotrader.com or Carvana is good. I think there are a lot of websites where you can see all the features and pricing. I think late this year is a good option.

Great, thank for everyone’s input!

We are in the same boat lease ends September for 430i
We found it is best to start looking a month out
Most companies will not cover your payments and never roll over payments.
Better to wait it out and go into a new lease clean