When do the best incentives come out?

I’m wondering if there is a general pattern for different brands on when the best incentives come around ?

In other words, if one wants to lease, and is flexible - looking to lease sometime in the next 6-9 months. Is there an ideal time to wait - December time maybe ?

Has someone ever logged ewhen a lot of the incentives come out ?

Looking to lease a mid size SUV - I have plenty of equity in my current one so i know i can get out whenever i want - but have 9 months left on my lease… so would like to just wait till a great deal comes around.

Winter time is best. SUVs are hot right now though.

When an all new model comes out, often there are huge discounts on the previous model years…There are other factors before incentives including raising the residuals (like on the BMW 3 series) and lowering the MF…

Probably not what you’re looking for but I’d predict a HUGE incentive next month on a MY16 Lincoln MKZ hybrid…They changed the whole front end for MY17 and for July it has a $3500 incentive…Last year the car in August was $0 down and $347/mo…Probably will be better next month…

Right. Yea I’m looking for a midsize SUV with a 3rd row - like a Pilot, Acadia, Traverse… etc.

I know the 2017 Acadia is coming out so I figured there has to be good incentive to get the 2016 version. Just not sure when is a good time.

November, December, and January generally speaking, with individual cases as mentioned above when a model is discontinued or revamped. Dealers are looking to hit year-end goals at the end of December.

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What about Labor Day? Wouldn’t you have end of the month, and model-year changeovers, and big shopping holiday?

Sure the manufacturers may have incentives (like the recent GM 20% off deal), but those all are paid by GM, Ford, etc… The dealers are most likely going to offer their best discounts out of their pockets in November and December to meet yearly goals. There are also holiday offers, tvs, Costco, etc… Some states/localities have a tax on business inventory that is paid based on inventory at January 1. Also, less people are car shopping in winter due to the weather.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how badly the dealer wants to move a particular unit at any given time. Units that have been on the lot for awhile will obviously be easier to negotiate a bigger discount.