When are we going to see Bolt pre-orders and pricing?

My Volt lease has 4 months remaining - and I’m ready for the 238 mile BOLT!!

Not that I am not exited about 238mi range of the Bolt, but :slight_smile:
Let’s not get too exited, otherwise dealers will have us by our throats and we don’t want that, right?
In 4 month I suspect we are going to be hitting the time of Bolts been a hottest item on the EV market. Regardless of the pricing, you will overpay at that time. I am almost in the same boat, my Spark EV lease expires in May. If I don’t like the pricing read discounts, I will go to leasetrader and lease a Volt for a year. That should also give me idea if I want that for one of my kids.

My 16 year old is currently driving the Volt until lease end. I’m leasing a 2016 X5 40e - Hoping new Bolt leases are aggressive.

$37,495 including destination. I think it’ll be a pricey lease at first, but wait a year, and prices will drop.

I’m impressed by the range, but it’s still a lot of money for a tall compact CUV. GM will have to resort to subvented leases to move metal – fine by me!

Dad’s Volt lease expires November; looks like he’ll get another Volt (this time with all the active safety stuff).

Every Bolt EV will net GM four ZEV credits. At an estimated $3500 per credit, that’s $14,000. In California I can see Bolt EVs going out the door for $20K after federal tax credits and state rebates.

They might net that much in ZEV credits, but that doesn’t mean they will pass anything close to that to the customer. They still don’t pass the full fed tax credit even on Volt leases ($6,860 compared to $7,500).
I’m hoping initial Bolt lease offers are at least much better than the initial '17 Volt leases…those sucked at first.
If lease rates do blow, I’m open to simply purchasing one outright.

btw, Costco is doing their holiday sales event again starting 1 October. Odds are they will bring back the giftcard offer for purchasing/leasing a GM vehicle. Last year it was up to a $700 giftcard. Let’s hope the Bolt is eligible!

At this price, they should rename it to the Chevy DOLT.

Nice! Good timing on the Costco card - hopeful we’ll see the Bolt available for ordering.

Agree that the Volt prices were high at first - mu first Volt was $400 per month and my second dropped to $317. They are much less than that today.

If GM wants to generate big sales numbers they will pass at least the same Fed amount to the customer. I’m very hopeful but I’m not buying, only leasing and can wait till the #'s get attractive.