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Instead of asking this question, a much more fruitful line of inquiry begins with “what tire is right for my usage?” etc etc


Thank you. It does show the same Pirelli’s that I want.

Some notes about TireRack road hazard claims, in case this experience is useful to anyone else.

Their terms state that if the tire needs to be replaced, you must get prior authorization or they’ll deny the claim.

This wasn’t apparent to me (found out much later when I read all the terms).

BUT they either do not enforce that, or I ended up getting lucky because there’s a carve-out for this requirement when their offices are closed (and my loss occurred on a Saturday). Probably the latter.

They approved my claim and I had a check in ~10 days.

The amount of the loss is assumed to be TireRack’s currently-advertised “tire only” price (pre-tax, pre-installation, etc), but I ended up getting a better price from the BMW dealer that did the replacement, so aside from the time and hassle I’m only out ~$20 on this one.

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To anyone who buys (used) replacement pirellis for your bmw, just know that Mercedes marks their tires with “MOE”. I was annoyed at first but tire shop said it shouldn’t matter and I figure I’ll have to replace tires in a year anyway.

Also some of the people on bimmerfest have said they’ve gotten warranty coverage from pirelli for tires that came with their car (ie not replacement). But I’d rather drive and not be stuck at home for a couple weeks waiting to find out if I won the Pirelli warranty lottery so I didn’t try to find out.

How to choose the best tires in a couple of simple steps.

  1. Buy the Michelin option

Definitely not true.

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michelin’s are overrated. yes they make some very good tires but, like several other brands, many of their offerings are overrated and overpriced.


Pirelli tires are more beautiful though.

I’ve driven a ton of cars with every tire imaginable. And Michelins have always been my favs. Of course everyone’s MMV.

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Anyone have a good rec for winter tires for the LT1? I got new oem all seasons back in march but want to swap for some proper winters

Which conditions and purpose?

Performance winter tires generally prioritize cold dry/wet/slush traction while studless snow tires will prioritize packed snow and ice traction.

There are pros and cons to each type of winter tire.

Good question. Probably performance winter tires. If there’s packed snow in the ground I’ll probably just use the fiancés crosstrek

How about a good all weather tire that doesnt have rapid wear?

My view has always been the $1000 you spend on a set of winters is the best $1000 you’ll ever spend on anything car related. Don’t cheap out and say all seasons are good enough. Sure they’re good enough, until they’re not. This is a good video below comparing the stopping distance with and without. And besides you only need winters 1/4 to 1/3 of the year. Which means that $1000 is really spread out over 5-7 years. And if you sell the car earlier, there’s always a market for good used winter tires. Skip to 12:00 for the summary if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. Its pretty amazing. 25MPH comparison and it’s several tens of feet stopping distance difference between various all seasons vs winters.

I’ve had Blizzaks and IceX on every vehicle I’ve owned going back I don’t know how long. They’re both good, I think the IceX gets a bit better grade, but it’s like the difference between an A and an A+. For me, winter tires need to do one thing well, stop on ice. That’s the only thing I really care about. Performance? Eh. That’s for April to November. December to March, I care about stopping when everyone else is slip sliding around.

Where I live it doesn’t snow too much. But when it does, it is followed by several days of thaw, freeze cycles. Temp gets to 37 during the day, some snow melts. Then at night it goes down to 27 and all that slush from the day turns to ice. Rinse and repeat for a couple more days until it’s all melted. Then 2 weeks later start over with a fresh 4 inches of snow. So I don’t mess around with all seasons. I happily plunk down the $1000 and drive happy.

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