Wheel and Tire Insurance - Feedback and Poll

I know we have had threads touching upon this topic but I wanted to create something a little different.

I am trying to determine, for those who have purchased W&T, or those who have not but wish they did, their thoughts. Please feel free to add your feedback along the lines of …

“Happy I bought W&T for $x for y car because I popped 3 tires blah blah…”
“Wish I bought W&T because I popped 4 tires, blah blah”

Do not add anything in the thread about how you hate finance. It’s not what this is meant for.

While some people immediately discount anything being pitched in F&I, some of the products are good and fair.

Wheel and Tire - Buyers Only
  • Bought and Happy You Did
  • Bought and Regretted

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In a poll, shouldn’t there be an option Didn’t buy and regretted it?


It probably depends on which car and tires, but for anything either with low profile tires or runflats, it usually pays for itself

I cant change the poll after 5 mins :confused:

I seem to be able to change it, never done this before though. Would you want me to try and edit it? This also might reset existing votes.

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Do it up! Please

Nope, can’t change it either :frowning:

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Hahaha, came here hoping to find an answer. I guess the joke is on me. No helpful tips here.