What's your opinion on Cadillac?

Be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings :blush: . How do you like the brand? Their design language is moving towards a younger, sportier demographic. However, their top-selllers are currently still Escalades and XT5s.

Around here there aren’t even really any Cadillac dealers. I know of a grand total of one.

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Cadillac -The standard of the world.

Actually I’m sitting in a Cadillac/Buick/GMC dealer rigjt now getting my 2017 Buick serviced.

Free coffee and stale donuts - all you want


If you don’t mind sharing, where are you located? I know Cadillac just pulled their San Jose, CA store.

Cadillac put out some serious junk in the 80s and 90s. Outside of the Chevy-esque gauge cluster, they look and drive quite nice today, however.

They aren’t nearly as relevant as they used to be, however. People still remember that junk they put out for 2 decades.

I was planning on bringing in donuts tomorrow for our store. I’ll make sure they’re fresh :rofl: .

Los Angeles. The only one I know is a really classic store that’s been there forever down on Ventura Blvd. It’s still got the old sign and everything: http://www.roadarch.com/13/8/casac2.jpg

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I’m at Simpson Buick in Buena Park Ca. They just took over the Remick Cadillac franchise.

Come on over I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and a donut. Maybe we could test drive an Escalade!

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A lot better than most people think… Leases are horrible on most of them. The XTS has residuals in the 30%s.

I sell them and our best seller is definitely the XT5. Looking forward to the drop of the XT4 because it’s going to have the new interior design language which is where Cadillac has been lacking.

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Yeah I didn’t really even bother looking at Cadillac because the leases on them are so bad, and even GMC to a lesser extent.

Hopefully the CT6 V-Sport will restore the glory of the American sedan. They should consider only using two engines across their lineup, the 2.0T and upcoming 4.2TT. They really only need to offer a Luxury and V-Series trim for each model. It would differentiate Cadillac even more as the upper echelon of GM.

They did away with the 2.0T on the CT6… Honestly the 3.6 is the best engine on them, better than the 3.0TT

I love me some Cadillacs!
I owned a slightly used 1990 Allante and drove it for about 7 years
I leased a new 2005 CTS-V. It was great fun, but a wheel kept losing air pressure at highway speeds. They couldn’t find the problem, so I lemon-lawed it and made GM buy it back.
Then I bought a used CTS-V free and clear with the lease payments they refunded. (There is a reason why the old GM went bankrupt)
I leased a 2008 CTS
I leased a 2012 XTS
I leased a 2015 ATS 3.6 Performance

My wife would not let me lease another, so now I drive a Ghibli.

The ATS that I turned in a year ago was a great car. I do not care what others say, the interior was beautiful. It had the Kona Brown fancy leather. It had absolutely fabulous handling, certainly better than the comparable Audi or BMW and on par with the Giulia.

The brand is grossly under appreciated. I assume because of German snobbery and the memory of grandpa’s DeVille.


I could never get past the instrument panel in the ATS. Ruined the interior for me.

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I have a 2015 ATS (lease expiring in September) and I love it. The much maligned CUE system is very easy to use once you become accustomed to it- I know reviewers generally hate it but I disagree. I haven’t had an ounce of trouble with it, drives beautifully and is very comfortable.

I like the outside styling but the name still strikes as old. However I would lease one if the leases were competitive.

If they ran the right kind of marketing campaign, they’d do alright. IMO Cadillac were the premiere American luxury brand even in the 90s and have completely lost their edge over the last few decades. They need to bring some of that nostalgia back cause right now they’re pretty irrelevant.

you are declared cadi lease master!
why your wife wont let you lease anymore?

I leased a 2013 ATS and then a 2016 ATS which I turned in this past March. Both were 2.0 turbos. They were FANTASTIC handling cars. Better than a 3 series without a doubt. CUE wasn’t that bad, especially in the 2016 I had. Interior was so-so, nothing special but not that bad. However, they had NO SPACE whatsoever in the back seat. And the trunk was an absolute joke. We had our first baby the day after I stumbled upon a loaner E class deal. Thank god we got that because a car seat would be a struggle in the back of an ATS with any other passengers.

Overall a typical GM effort - a solid 8/10 but missing the little extra to make it class leading. But both were sub $300 leases so they worked for me! Would never buy one though.

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You can’t drive one with a broken back, but at least you can polish the fender. :wink: