What's up with lease contracts? Should they be 100% correct?

Hey guys! I looked at my contract today and it looked like they had me paying $300 more in taxes than I was supposed to. They instead give me that amount as cash paid up front. They did something similar by giving me less discount, but not showing an addon that was charged. I feel like acquistion, taxes, little things, etc can either be shown as paid up front at closing, mixed into the itemization or mixed anywhere really.

My questions: Do dealers standardize their way of writing up a contract? Do you guys feel comfortable if something isn’t exactly written correctly on the contract, but the numbers work out the same in the end? Anyone else feel misled when it’s really just a six or half-dozen situation?

The contract should reflect what was negotiated. If its off I make them change it.

yes, it’s fine as long as it doesn’t cost you anything. For example, doc fees can’t be removed by law, everybody has to pay the same doc fee, but they could give you additional discount to offset it.

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