What's the best practice to negotiate the lease insurance rate with the right agent?

A bad insurance plan can kill any deal.

How did you find the right agent for your first car-lease insurance to make the best deal?

I am in SF bay area, and called a few insurance agents for my first car. The insurance quota is around $200/month, which would be even more expensive than many lease deals posted on this forum.

I don’t think there is really much negotiation. You just get a bunch of quotes, then choose the best option after reviewing the reputation each company. If the company offering the cheapest rates also have good street cred, go for it.

@rex insurance rates all depend on your location, you age, if you have more than one car on the policy, if you can bundle it with homeowner insurance, driving record, safety features of the car you’re insuring, if the car model is one that gets stolen a lot, how expensive a car is to fix etc. A lot of factors that are not in your control. I would say though that if you are young and never had car insurance and are single and only need a 1-car policy and live in a big city your insurance is going to be expensive. $200/mo doesn’t even sound so bad compared to what i used to pay. Sometimes it is cost prohibitive to lease due to insurance cost so you have to take that into account. If you buy a car instead then you can put minimal insurance on it if you want to (not that i would recommend that) but since a leased car is owned by the leasing company they require you to have a lot of insurance to protect their car which comes at a price.

In regards to going with a big name vs a small name insurer, the big differentiator is how they will handle a claim once you have one. A company like progressive even has their own collision centers and are very responsive because they are big and have perfected the process. A smaller insurance company might be a lot less responsive, might be more likely to deny your claim, might not give you rental car benefits etc.

Lastly, there are car insurance brokers you can contact who can look for the best price for you so you don’t have to jump around and deal with it yourself.

Also @bro1999 is correct, there’s really no negotiating, you will submit your info and you will get a quote. The quote might not even be accurate if it’s a basic quote where they don’t pull your credit. Only once they pull your credit will you get an accurate final quote. With that being said, unless you’re already approved with the car leasing company, don’t do a hard pull on your credit just to get an insurance quote because it might lower your score and it might affect the credit tier from the car leasing company. You’d have to go with basic quote without credit inquiry and hope that the final number doesn’t change that much in order to make sure that it doesn’t affect your tier rate.

I see no reason to assume a smaller company will be less responsive or be more likely to deny a claim. (Rental benefits are defined in your policy, there is very little subjectivity there). Do you have any data to support that claim?

If anything, one can find plenty of anecdotal evidence of the larger insurers cutting corners with their “preferred” or “in network” body shops. Do you think the high quality, higher priced shops are in those networks, or the lower priced?

One can search for “preferred body shop” and the name of a well-known large insurer, and find threads like these:


@max_g my data is based on my experience, to each their own. In regards to “in network” body shops, you are not required to use one, you can take the payout and find your own.

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