Whats the best place to start. Need to find a lease asap

I’ve lurked this website for some time now and i’m seeing a lot of information. I just would like to know where to start when negotiating. I am looking for a lease under 250/month with zero down in the tampa area. Almost any car that fits this i would be happy with and I know there is a wide range of them. The problem is i don’t know how to find them as the dealer websites always say around 2k down for their lease deals.

Is there a trick I am missing or a page i didn’t see that gives me an idea of how to find a good deal?


You could start looking at the Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai/Kia “compact” models like the Corolla, Sentra and Elantra. There are also two former Scion subcompacts that are now sold under the Toyota brand.

Comparable Honda, Mazda and Subaru models will likely not lease as well.

Don’t look at lease deals. Call the dealers and seem how much money off the MSRP you can get on the cars, then start talking about the lease.

Your monthly is only made up of 3 variables:

  1. Money Factor
  2. Residual
  3. Sale price of the car

Number 2 is fixed, number 1 should be fixed although sometimes marked up. Number 3 is the only thing you have real control over so negotiate hard on it.

These three variables will produce a number at the end, that is your lease payment. Never go in saying I want to pay $XXX a month. You will never get the best deal that way.


Good advice except a novice lessee will likely not get much intel calling dealers and asking for MSRP off on the phone (in person even more time consuming, esp when multiple dealers across multiple brands).

Dealers will try to get him to ‘come on down’ and/or pay the ‘lets talk monthly payments and budget’ game…besides you are always vulnerable to the “that price was only for purchases” switcharoo

OP is better off spending that time scouring here and/or Edmunds forums for deals that sufficiently appeal to him, narrow it down to 2 or 3 vehicles, and then seek help here to construct an offer using MF/RV to email to dealers.


@max_g I could not be bothered to retype for the 100th time what I have already typed on this forum. I even made a post outlining how to get good deal on a BMW which applied to pretty much any car. Also, dealers always cave in on doing deals over the phone, they will always ask you to come down, I just say no.

I agree in part with what you say but if you take that approach just tell him to use a broker. I had never leased a car before last month.

Well so stop by and try to negotiate. If you do not like the deal do not sign. They will not negotiate over phone and i do not blame them. Lease rebates usually are different from purchase rebates that is why there could be different sales proces. You have to hit a couple of dealers because that is the best way to learn. Before signing you can post here to ask for advice.

True, it can get repetitive if people do not search for valuable information already posted in the forums…

@OP you are going to have put in some work yourself

@max_g Are you British, just asking because of the Cricket icon. (I guess you could be from Auz, India, NZ, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, but that’s about it for people who play cricket. Duckworth Lewis is more complex than leasing!)

You missed South Africa, Zimbabwe, West Indies, and a couple other Test playing ‘nations’ (the only ones to wear white kit…overall it’s played in like 50+ countries tho). Answer in PM.

I appreciate the responses and I have been putting in the work trying to understand how this works. I have seen some great deals pop up here but haven’t figured out how to replicate them with any local dealers.

Once I narrowed down a car, what would be the best process for constructing an offer using MF/RV ?

Have patience in working with dealers. Plant the seed that you are a real buyer and hold firm to your deal. Inevitably, at month end or quarter end, or whenever the time may be, somebody will want to do your deal because they need a sale to make their numbers. Also, often you will need to shop in a neighboring state as some markets are far more competitive than others. For example, Las Vegas v. Los Angeles. You will always find a better deal in LA due to the sheer number of dealers and the volume they do.

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I’ve been getting a lot of slack about them needing to run a credit score and that is what the lease is based off of.

Is this true? My credit is very good but that seems to be their hook to get me to go in and confirm and is the reason why they will not give me any offers over the phone.

Hell, if anyone is willing to run through this stuff with me and help me find a car in my range (0 down and 220 or below a month) i’ll gladly shoot you over a hundred… and hell, i’d imagine 80% of the new people coming to this site trying to find a deal would gladly do the same.

Shoot me a PM if interested.

It’s a lot of effort to negotiate a price on a car. Anyone can be convinced they got a good deal. My friend was telling me he got a good deal because he got a discount for being a college grad. Being in the business, I already knew that meant he payed window sticker with just a $1000 or $500 discount.

We love to have these conversations and of course to tell people who are thinking of getting cars why we can get them a better deal.

Investigate our service for yourself, and post your findings here on leasehackr.

Yeah I would try one of the brokers like DSRleasing or The Lease Outlet. Whatever you do, don’t go into a dealer and fall for one of their high pressure “What can we do to make this deal today” tricks. Take your time and shop around! Don’t be in a rush.

Honestly? That’s kinda here nor there. If you are willing to do the work, people offer advice/critiques/tips on forums for free. But to do the whole 9 yards is a lot of work and I can’t imagine anyone with the expertise will do it for less than an X multiple of what you are offering. (Or maybe they will take you up and realize how much effort for how little payoff).

Can i flag that post for DSR being mentioned in the same breath as TLO? hahaha Leagues apart!!!

I have never transacted with them but DSR seems easily one of the more professional brokers who are on this forum.

Some of the other guys might need to attend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ-8IuUkJJc

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The worst thing you can do is go in needing a vehicle. You might have to wait a week or four to get a deal you are happy with. It is much easier to walk away if you can also drive away! Do not let your emotions get the best of you.

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