Whats the best Compact Crossover PURCHASE DEALS right now?

Looking for my sister. She does a lot of miles 20k.
Prefers Japanese or Korean.
MIGHT consider American but unlikely.
CX5, CRV, Tucson, Forester, etc

Might cross shop some Luxury: RDX QX50


And what is the budget?

With 20k she may be better off buying rather than leasing IMO.
Has she driven any of the vehicles you mentioning? If the deal is great and she hates it, she hates it, right?

Go look on manufacturer websites to see has the best incentives and then cross reference that with who is offering the largest discount before incentives by looking at a model specific forum. Don’t even bother looking at CR-V. CX-5 is great and I’d look at Equinox too considering the new Asian brand conquest offer.

Also consider that make could be deceiving as far where it’s made. I drove a Chevy Spark EV for 3 years, it was i belive a 100% Korean made car.

A lot of compact crossovers don’t add a ton more practicality, e.g. Tucson and QX50 are pretty small inside. A midsize sedan with fold down rear seats could be just as practical, depending on what your primary needs are.

And the incentives are much better on sedans now, since crossovers are selling like crazy.

FYI, Hyundai and Kia have the longest new car warranties (5yr/60k full, 10yr/100k powertrain) while Infiniti CPO is unlimited mileage for cars with 15k+ miles on the odo.

Rav4 LE 20K lease $0 drive off $273.37 plus tax